Monday, March 28, 2011

White. Out.

We came up to the Cabin for the weekend for a much needed escape to the high Sierra area. We brought good friends that were game for the trip even though 8+ feet of snow fell in four days and more piled on top throughout the week. We were pretty sure the water would not work and that we might be low on propane and that there might be certain complications with roads and access and stuff. But all four of us loaded up and headed out Friday.

We were greeted a five hours later by walls of snow, higher than I have ever seen here, ever. I thought the snow might be shoulder deep in the 'driveway' but I was off.

It was overhead, about 10 feet, almost level with the second story of the three story cabin. It was a little daunting at first but neighbors were all digging out and joined us in making sapces for cars. They laughed and gave us bathroom privileges at their place when they heard our plight. The propane was out but there is plenty of wood and down comforters to go around.

I laugh a little to myself because we voluntarily left Spring in full bloom to plunge shoulder deep into winter again.
Snow day
The town folk look exhausted, a building collapsed this week and they have been battered for months with more snow than this little nook has seen ever. But they hold on and we just visit and I reliaze that it would be very hard to live here but, man, is it gorgeous when the whole world is white and the sound dampens off and the light filters through and you have good friends to laugh with as you suite up to go dig something out again.

Here is to snow. Piles and piles that will eventually melt away.
It made a great cooler and an even better surface for that old board I have not ridden for a few years. As I type this I am feeling every muscle in my upper body scream from the yard sale crash I had yesterday on the slopes but it was totally worth it.

Now to clean up, pack up and head South, back to my babies that I am missing something fierce. Nothing like a few child free days to make your heart long only to get back to your kiddies.
Have a great (and hopefully Spring snow-less) week, folks.


LauraC said...

I love visiting snow but after 5 winters in Chicago, I will be very glad to never live in snow again!

Our fridge in our rental place died over Thanksgiving over year and we just put all the food outside. Very strange idea to a Florida girl.

Katie said...

Calder and I are so bummed that we're missing all of the snow this year! It was great seeing your pictures!