Tuesday, May 03, 2011

365 :: One Third

The day I started 365 I had some apprehension. I wondered where I would find the time to take and upload and process and post a picture. I wondered if I would quit.

365 3/11 (ish)

It seems like it was a blink ago but counting the days by number shows you that one third of 2011 has passed by and there is something magical about having captured one moment from each of those days.

I made it to Day 100 before I missed a day. And the only day I missed was 101. Both days were a milestone. 100 becuase it just sounds awesome. 101 because I made myself shrug off the miss and I will always remember on that day we hiked with all 4 of the newest generation and we laughed and the family was together in the way I dream that we might be in 2012 or 2013 if we are lucky.

The powerful pull of images keeps me coming back to my camera, happy to play and crete and sometimes capture a moment that I can feel awfully proud about. This one because he is snapping the shirt buttons and because I did not cry to see him so grown.

365 :: 123
365 :: 123

The slideshow is there so that in 120 more days I can find this post and realize it really was just a blink ago.

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Em Natural said...

Love your photographs amiee. You are amazing! love and miss you xo