Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Homage to Vintage

Hand Work :: Vintage Quilts
Saturday I visited a Quilt Show at one of our local libraries. It was small and earnest and featured many vintage quilts that came from family of the quilting circle. Each had a little tag telling the story of the quilt if it was known. And each one drew me in, close, closer to study the lines of its life.

There is something so special, so spectacular to me in those long lines of stitches. Up close, closer, you can feel the work and the hands that did the work. It is hard to imagine the patience, the ability to see the completion of the project in the quilter. Some of the pieces were so intricate, some of the stories behind the quilts so lovely and meaningful.
Quilt Show :: Vintage
Quilt Show :: Vintage

There is something about handwork that draws me close, closer. I wish for that ability, that patience. The women and men who made these pieces likely had busy lives, full of the work of home and hearth and maybe more work outside of the home. But they still found that place, of creation and necessity and because of it, these beautiful peces of artwork embrace and warm people, passing down and down to be held and used and loved.
Quilt Show :: Vintage

They hold such energy. They hold such life for me. That quiet walk through the tiny quilt show was the inspiration and reminder that I needed. That there is value in this handwork, there is life.
Quilt Show :: Vintage

And so I thought I would share it with you to call you too to that which inspires you. Be it stitch and cloth or fiber and stick, eye and viewfinder or soil and sprout, today I celebrate knowing that making creates Life.
Quilt Show :: Vintage

My favorite quilt was the Wedding Ring, in part because of the story told on its little descriptive card. Made by a husband and wife after their wedding, pieced and quilted in quiet on a farm in the cold of winter. It is like staring at a fairytale to me.
Quilt Show :: Vintage

Incidentally, making a Wedding Ring quilt was on my Mondo Beyondo list. I think I may have found my muse.


SUEB0B said...

I'm going to a luncheon with a quilt historian on Sunday. We are taking quilts and she will tell us about the history of the design, the fabrics and the technique. It sounds like so much fun.

Thanks for sharing your discoveries.

Magpie said...

Love this. I just brought home a box of quilts. I'd found them in my grandparent's attic, and they've been in a box at my mother's house for, oh, 20 years? So they're, like, old. :)

Reckless Sarcasm said...

I would love to take up quilting. My mother has loved to quilt as long as I can remember, but has been working on the same one for a while, due to time constraints.
She is retiring this year. Maybe she will get to start again and rediscover the joy.
Beautiful pictures and words, as usual. :)