Saturday, February 18, 2012

Settle In

Set·tle    /ˈsɛtl/
verb (used with object) appoint, fix, or resolve definitely and conclusively; agree upon (as time, price, or conditions). place in a desired state or in order: to settle one's affairs. pay, as a bill. close (an account) by payment. migrate to and organize (an area, territory, etc.); colonize: The pilgrims settled Plymouth. cause to take up residence: They settled immigrants in urban areas. furnish (a place) with inhabitants or settlers: The French settled this colony with army veterans. quiet, calm, or bring to rest (the nerves, stomach, etc.). stop from annoying or opposing: A sharp word will settle that youngster. conclude or resolve: to settle a dispute. make stable; place in a permanent position or on a permanent basis. cause (a liquid) to become clear by depositing dregs. cause (dregs, sediment, etc.) to sink or be deposited. cause to sink down gradually; make firm or compact. dispose of finally; close up: to settle an estate.
16.Law . secure (property, title, etc.) on or to a person by formal or legal process. terminate (legal proceedings) by mutual consent of the parties.

This is Me now. All of it. All 16 parts speak to me in some way. But for the most part my Soul speaks right now and so the definitions just make sense. Because I am settled in a way I have not felt in... forever? A calm; a lesser need and a greater need.

And the calm that has descended into my depth and made me settle into a Center that does not feel like swirling right now but more like sediment, layers slowly shifting and deepening, creating a base that feels solid, like concrete. Breathing solid concrete.

Things that were once so scary are less so. Things I did not want to do are seen in a different light. People I want to be near are people I want to be near... but there is new space for people that I should want to meet. I am grateful for the ease of transition, for the lovely Marcie I met at the park with her babes that came equipped with costume bag, snacks and an eager desire to find a friend like me as I wanted to find a friend like her.

Who do you thank when you profess to not really pray anymore? I turn to the Universe in general.
Thanks, Universe. You are tops.

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