Thursday, July 13, 2006

adding on

it seems like i have come to the place where i wanted to be a year ago when i thought i wanted a blog. i have messed around with flickr, doodled with picasa, downloaded cd after cd of pictures i thought lost forever. i always wanted to share in the world of blog but felt uneducated and a bit shy. it is a world of some anonymity, some fame, and just plain old sharing. i love researching the knitting aspect of the blog world, it endlessly fuels my desire for the next project, the next best yarn, spinner, dyer, writer and creator. i constantly scroll around my favorite haunts, my beloved knitters that i have never met. i have yet to really photo my f.o's, so many piled up in a plastic underbed box, because really, i live in california and it is currently 102. all i can say is USMP in 100% alpaca (frog tree,mmm). it is going to my sister up in arcata. anyway, the gist of it is, i am going through some little changing things in life. time on my hands, some accerlating demands, some slowing. but i want to do this and share some things, maybe with just those that i know. not just knitting stuff because a) i like writing about lots of stuff and b) um, pictures, i need to take pictures.i swear i have lots of f.o's. ask my bff ana. so,onward ho. hopefully i will check back before another year passes. by the way, the pictures are from a trip to ireland in 2001 (recovered from cd's my nosy father copied from my hard drive years ago...right before it failed. i love my daddy) we spent a month in a small rental traipsing around the margins of ireland with no real purpose onther than to eventually make it around. we did, it was loveley, but obvious from my attire, a bit chilled. february/march on the isle was fascinating, quiet, and cold, cold, cold. i'll eventually blog more memories on the assorted trips we have taken over the course of our relationship. before they start slipping off into the back areas of my brain.

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