Saturday, January 20, 2007

a what? a f.o.?

so. i did it i finished some knitwear items that i actually wear. one i finished long ago but love now more than ever, and the nature of knitwear is stretch so it is doing well on my rapidly expanding form. the other was specific to a bump, even called the bump sweater, and though i probably was not generous enough in the sizing, it fits for now so i love it. i am inordinately pleased with my self for the actual finishing of said item, i have had some issues of late with focus and follow through. the joy of pregnancy (along with many other things, i assure you) is the ability to blame any and every fault and flaw on it. did not make that appointment, pay a bill, get dressed today? oh yeah, it is cause i'm pregnant.

in truth, the energy thing really does affect every aspect of my life lately, so it really was pleasing to finish my pretty pink sweater. funny story, i actually started it way before the reality of a bump developed, during the 'oh, i cannot hold the contents of my stomach' phase. a part of me was so excited when i found out and i really wanted to have it done in a timely manner. ordered the yarn from knitpicks, received it is the mail with a shockingly pink tinge that really is more 'pepto bismal' than 'ballerina' and started the sleeves. and ended with the sleeves at the time because said color and knitting itself began to trigger my 'morning' sickness. what irony. the thing i loved best was now my greatest nemesis (if i wanted to keep lunch down, anyway). so set aside was the pink, the yarn, the needles, my best companion. a bit devastating but survive i did, and at about 16 weeks, the magical week that all that woozy-just-got-off-a-boat-while-walking-on-a-treadmill thing dissipated, out came the needles, the pink yarn and the simplest and truly most flattering garment i have ever created. i love it.

the opportunity to wear it has been abundant as the temperatures in the land of socal have plummeted recently. i love the chill, the briskness and the cold nose tip, but we lack a lot of the moisture lately and the foothills behind our house stand barren of snow, their brown surfaces uniform and dry. usually the cap of white is one of the few signals of seasonal change here, it is saddening and maddening to think that maybe this is their future, that snowshoe walks will exist only if we travel away to the sierras (which are not doing do well themselves...poor mammoth season pass holders, what a dismal season total they have had. a little part of me does not feel that bad since i can't be out there on my board this year. gosh, i am heartless.) we are doing a little of our part today by stocking up on the alternative light bulb at the depot. sorry. little weather digression. i am almost as fascinated by weather as by knitting. odd, what our obsessions tend toward. by the way, the snow photos are the sierras and the vest is (of course) eunny's.

anyway, they are both done, getting some play and may actually follow me into the land of 'not having a belly ' in the future. i have a ways to go with 23 weeks and a bit under my belt (no pun intended) and now only baby knits to conquer. yay. and a little treat for the loverly senor yatez who has been nothing but supportive, calming and encouraging during this whole time. he is getting one of the EZ hybrids, once instructions are properly deciphered. pictures on that to follow.

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