Sunday, February 11, 2007


Around christmas time my husband and i attended a christmas party, given by his generous boss. we dined on lobster, steak and some giagantic shrimp and the spirits flowed freely. i could not resist a few sips of fine cham-pag-na (say it like christopher walken on snl) and got caught in the act. i included this picture because wrapped around my shoulders is my version of birch as modified by julia. i loved this knit and wear it often. these shots are in honor of this group on flickr. yeah...we wear what we knit. of course, those pictures are one of the last times i wore anything out. but i have plans, people. most of them involve baby stuff but i want to slip in something from a spring issue somewhere for post-baby body.

we also slipped a trip to yosemite in as a new year celebration. call it a hunch, but i thought i might end up flat during the course of the beans' stay, so we spent a lovely day wandering the valley floor and finding spots to photo (him) and knit (me). we celebrate one of our anniversaries on new years/new years day...i could not have asked for a better day. the light was incredible, we made it in early while frost still limned every branch, and i got to knit the essence, the majesty that is yosemite into my sweater. as other obssessed knitters with partners know, when doing anything, we stuff little projects (or whatever is on the needles) into any available space, whether knapsack or smallish jacket pockets, as our partner looks on us with fond exasperation, the look that says 'can't you go anywhere?...' our response look says 'no.....what if we were to venture forward and get trapped in some alternate reality without my knitting. no, not going anywhere without it'. all in a look or two, huh? anyway, digression. one shot i love of el cap came out as is. no touch up, i swear.

my husband took a similair shot with color film and got an even more intense odd blue sky. i thought it was an error in developing the film, but maybe it was just one of those shots. regardless, it is heartening to see the pictures and plan on future trips. getting to yosemite is always a priority and we shoot for mid-week off-season times when the chaos of the park is at its ebb. also highly recommended are rainy days. we have strolled the most popular mirror pond trail on a rainy day and seen only deer.

next post will address the completed EZ sweater, which gently rearranged itself from 'hybrid' to 'shirt yoke' per request of tim. he loves it, it fits like a glove and i cannot wait to get a few shots of him sporting it. he is, at best, a reluctant camera subject, much more comfortable behind the lens. i'll do my best.

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Julia said...

Wow! I have missed so much. I've been out of commission in blogworld for many months and completely lost out on all the pregnancy posts - congrats! I can't wait to get caught up. Your shawl looks wonderful (mine is silver/grey too - they're twins!); and I am so jealous of your trip to Yosemite. It's a gorgeous place that I've been dying to see covered in snow. I hiked Half Dome in 2005, but haven't gotten back there in the cold months. It looks incredible.