Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Though I could be speaking of what the beans are up to (actually it is turning into more of a thump-ening, occasionally it feels like a down right jig), I actually refer to a completed knit. My Opa lives in Holland and recently mentioned to my papa that his wrists were hurting him significantly. It has been a bitter winter, so I thought he might like some hand apparel. I have been eyeballing the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts since I bought the book, just never tried to turn them out. Last night I sat down with some leftover Berocco and cast on, then cast off about 2 hours later (for the first mitt, the other was done this a.m.). What a satisfyingly simple pattern, basically just a cuff with thumb opening. But knits up so pretty. I sense this will become a fave knitted gift in the future. No real pattern notes, just that I used the magic loop needle method instead of 8 inch circulars. I have never tried to knit on small circs but cannot imagine it to be a pleasant experience. I do wish more books included it in technique sections, but hey, guess I am here to spread the word. Use magic loop, especially if you have those string together needle sets (mine is the Boye, yes, I know, aluminum is so cold, so clicky....I do live in southern California and claim no need for warm wood needles). Pay attention to the stitches at the split section and with practice you will not end up with a skewed line of stitches (this is probably nonsense jibber-jabber to my family/non-knit friends. Sorry).

I highly recommend these mitts to anyone with chilled hands as they do no interfere with dexterity while knitting, I wore the first while I made the second. Not a problem. Planned next from same said book are a pair of denim pants (the second pair as now we have to consider bean 2's needs) and 2 placket sweaters. I just love knitting and vow to take on a few small projects at a higher frequency just to feel the satisfaction I did today.

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Aimee said...

Your handmitts are wonderful. I love that pattern, I've done it several times. It's amazing how many different yarns work out great. I didn't use the short circs either, I just used double points.