Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Knitting Deities

The knitting deities like me…they really like me. A few days ago I started a project after receiving inspiration from one of my favorites, Julia. Many of my early projects were a direct result of her site and knitting acumen, she was actually the first blog I lurked at heavily until I finally realized what that little comment link meant…aha, you mean I can tell these women how much I like/admire/respect them and their knitting? Wow. Who would have thunk it? Anyway, I bought the yarn she suggested in her modifications of the pattern, I ordered the IK that carried the pattern and then it sat for a bit, precisely until last Tuesday when I cast on. I have to say the yarn is brilliant, it can only be described as squooshy. It is a neutral color (my lord, my boys are going to blend into the very neutral walls of our home) but it was a steal as a closeout at WEBS.

I bought 4. You can guess where this is going, eh? I did swatch, I swear. I got gauge, I got the show on the road.

Were there moments when I intuitively thought, “Hmmm, seems a little big? Lots of stitches, is this measuring up correctly?”. Did I click back to Julia’s mods a few times just to kinda’ see if hers looked like it was about the same size as mine? (You see the flawed logic, yes, as her picture is impossible to compare to the piece in front of me.) Did I stop? Oh no. I just blithely knit on. I figured it would work itself out. I came to ball 4 of my delicious squoosh, knit up the back, paused, (maybe panicked a little) grabbed the yarn label and started to surf Google, because you know I did not have enough. But I did I find the yarn, trying to match dye lot initially then acknowledging the futility of this action as a) I bought the yarn ages ago and b) it was on closeout at the time. Kpixie had the color, at least, so I ordered a ball. Smooth transaction via Paypal, (everyone should take Paypal ) and, lo and behold, it arrived today. Thanks ladies of Kpixie because,
the labels…they match. This lovely ball of squoosh that entered my home today has the same dye lot as my initial purchase. And that is why the knitting deities like, maybe even love, me.

Now I will finish the piece and at some point in the life of some little person, it will surround them in squoosh and I will look at said little person and think….”Always buy one extra ball of yarn”. Hee hee.

Quick shot of growing belly on Command Central (that is what we call our bed now). I have another project nearing completion as I had to cast on something while waiting for my squoosh. I'll get that on here at some point.


skhpottery said...
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skhpottery said...

Very nice, that's a great pattern. What is the yarn? At least you're knitting neutrals out of choice. All four of us in the neighborhood are waiting until the arrival to find out the sex. Great for the surprise, hard on the knitting. I just finished a sweater in white that I will dye when the first baby arrives. Next up yellow followed by light green. I'm going to be missing my usual blue and purple soon.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

You are too kind. Please say that is Aurora 8 and not Aurora Bulky, though! If it's bulky, I fear for the sizing. If you hit a snag, please let me know and I will try to help bail you out. The short-rowing at the top can be difficult if it's unfamiliar to you! I love the color, and I am so happy that you found another skein in your dyelot - always a good sign!