Sunday, March 18, 2007

another lil' hat

i have had a ball of donated yarn sitting on my stash shelf forever. yesterday i
swatched a bit, it is of the baubly variety of yarn and made a nice soft i cast on for a lil' hat. no real pattern, i thought to experiment a bit. i used a carter's beanie for rough measurement, cast on a multiple of 6 to ease the crown decreases and made a row of yarn overs (K1, YO, K2TOG) for the ribbon trim. i like it and lacking the model, placed the finished product on the yarn ball. have you ever seen the Dark Crystal, a puppetish movie. my stand-in model resembles the funny little creatures enslaved by the evil sketsies. anyone feeling me on that one? sorry, digression. now the challenge comes with duplicating it for bean 2. the second one is shaping up so far. i am hoping they fit...though twins are usually a little premature, our boys have heads measuring about 2 weeks larger than EGA. i can thank my husband for that one. if they are instantly outgrown i will donate them to the NICU at our hospital. 31 weeks and counting.....

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