Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This weekend was really nice…I actually made it to my baby shower (considering it was in my living room, I had not far to go.) My beautiful sisters came down from waaaay up North and spent Friday night baking and preparing for the event. Then the morning of the shower my sister gave me a luxurious 90 minute pedicure with massage and everything while we caught up. My lil’ sis made the cutest favors with chocolate wrapped in handmade labels enclosed in adorable handmade packages. We have a slight obsession in my family for making thing by hand, I do not know if it is craftiness or that perverse sense of thriftiness/‘I can do that attitude‘. I made all of my wedding favors, place markers, wine glass décor, etc…it was actually really fun, though time was consumed by it. I guess we figure what else is the time for?

Anyway, they pulled together a lovely event attended by my most lovely ladies with plenty of food and the required shower games. I did recline the whole time on my decorated lounge chair, anyone who wanted any convo had to hunker down next to my low lounger, perching on the edge. Everyone was super accommodating, I was terribly excited to see people after weeks of relative seclusion and our friends/family were very generous with both practical and whimsical gifts overflowing our living room. Funny anecdote…when we first found out about the twins I called every family member, getting my lil’ sis first on the phone. She was so excited and in her freaking out kept repeating ‘Oh my god (good socal girls that we are, this statement is as ingrained as ‘sir’ and ma’am’ in Southerners), Oh my god, you are going to need two of everything!’ This she repeated until I begged her to stop as I was feeling a little short of breath contemplating that particular fact. This struck me as I opened gifts, all containing two, if not more, of everything. There are times when the reality of two babies strikes, I still get a little breathless, but also overwhelmingly excited.

I usually take lots of pictures, but with the excitement and trying to stay relatively inactive, I missed many photo opportunities. No pictures of the delicious cupcakes slathered in homemade raspberry mousse. None of the hilarious faces made while ladies sniffed, and yes, tasted the contents of baby diapers filled with unrecognizable chocolates. Or of my Princess Mishka taking center stage during activities, snuggled up on various ladies shoes/feet for quick naps. All together, it was an amazingly fun day, though it left me feeling more drained than I thought possible. And I did very little.

One more special story. My Oma (paternal grandma) passed 2 years ago, she lived in Holland and though my father and mother were there, the rest of us (my 7 siblings and I) were unable to be there. She did not get to meet any great-grandchildren as mine will be her first. My Oma was raised in Indonesia and had the sight, many different occurrences throughout her life and mine have made me truly believe this. Saturday, at my shower, my father’s cousin (in her 70s) attended. She grew up with my Oma and was also there when she passed. Her gift was really special, it is the bear pictured here. Now, I am not much of a stuffed bear person, preferring monkeys over all other animals, but this story is precious. This particular bear was from my Oma’s collection, upon passing my Opa was urging all family members to take pieces that they wanted. My Tanta Daycha took this bear at the time, bringing it home to La Verne in her suitcase 2 years ago. When she learned of the twins she wrapped up this bear and brought it to me, telling me my Oma wanted me to have it for me and my babies. I have felt my Oma close by lately, since the start of my bedrest. Though I am not religious per se I have been praying the rosary for centering and comfort, keeping her close to mind as she practiced the rosary daily herself. It has gained in significance in the last few days, now I snuggle with the bear in the relative peace of the morning, dedicate my prayers to us and others and feel calm settle over me. It is a nice way to start the day.

Well, that was my weekend. Pretty nice. Tomorrow we have scheduled our routine 4D to check up on the beans, I look forward to these intimate glimpses inside. I have found an interesting balance developing in myself. I work in medicine, I am a physical therapist that worked for many years in high level trauma centers, always witness to the aftermath of trauma. Not always a good way to establish trust in western medicine. But I have to say, I have been nothing but grateful for the level of care that is available if needed. Yes, I believe pregnancy is natural, normal and has been done for eons without C-sections and 4Ds, but I am glad it is available to myself and the beans if and when we need it. That’s all, folks.


Julia (MindofWinter) said...

What a great post. It sounds like you had the perfect shower. And what wonderful little handknits for the beans.

Emily said...

I'm so glad you have such a wonderful and supportive family. That's so nice.