Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hoods, Hooks, and Choc-choc

So, knitting rules most of my time. It is that thing that makes me sane, it brightens my day, it alleviates the pain of bad local programming, and it distracts me from the various aspects of my life that are starting to grate on me. I finished a lovely piece for a bean…little hoodie. It is sized up. I am not sure of the ‘when’ it will fit, but it will eventually fit. I loved working with this yarn, it is cotton and lacking any stretch, which can be a bit rough on the fingers, but it has some synthetic in it which seems to soften its hand. It has a great sheen, little bit glossy, just that little bit of special. Initially I intended to use it for an adorable knit in The Knit CafĂ© book, but the pattern looks a bit femme to me, and neither of the beans are female, so I used this great pattern from Knitty. I did not embellish it yet; I am contemplating some embroidered animal…stick figure in nature. We will see. I do recommend this pattern as it is simple and fun. As with all little items, it knits up quickly and provides that rush of satisfaction that accompanies completion. It is currently modeled by Clyde, my orangutan. He is a bit scruffy, but beloved. I inherited him from my little brother about 13 years ago. Clyde was intended as a gift for Ricky, then 4 years old. Except when he pulled him out of the wrapping paper, he ended up screaming in fright and throwing him across the room. The primate has been mine ever since and followed me cross country and up and down the West Coast. He cuddled with me on long solitary nights in NY and weathered a few bouts of storage. Now I plan on gracing the beans’ room with his watchful presence…hope he does not frighten them. Hoodie #2 will be of the same yarn, but a lovely greeny sagey color…I am not really keen on dressing them identical, just dressing them well.

Another development in the Command Central area is picking up the hook again. I have been over at this site a bit and find endless inspiration in her projects, colors, and overall lifestyle. I found these posts and links exciting, to say the least, and gathered stash/scrap yarn, a crochet hook, and quickly downloaded instructions
from Google…and I was off. I actually started with crochet, in high school/college I made beanies and flowers and scarves…gifting my buddies with warm items. Until that day I picked up knitting needles…I abandoned my hook and rarely looked back. That was about 3 years ago. My magnum opus was a crocheted afghan that covers a full/queen. I love it but am too lazy to go photo it right now. Anyway, after seeing this post, and needing a bit of a break from the needles after all that cotton I cast on for a granny square. A little later I cast off…then on…then off. I really couldn’t stop. It is so great, little unfolding gems of color and shape, endless possibilities of color and combination. Scraps of yarn I have had forever: that green cashmerino from my first knit beanie, that cherished purple ball of fuzz inherited from my grandma when she passed, all those bits…weaving together to be a coherent piece of work. I decided to hook up 9 and sew them into a square for a
decorative pillow, tackling a blanket is not my intention right now. Especially not when the next blanket I have to make is this one. And I have to make it. Once pattern, hook and yarn do arrive (and this is many steps away) I plan on making it my next magnum opus….it will be great for post-bean times because, unlike knitting, crochet of this nature can be mindlessly picked up with ease, one stitch to recall, one stitch to put on hold when not in play, lots of color variation, lots of fun. I think I will aim to have the new blanket for next fall….to replace the ubiquitous faux quilt you see in the background of most of my pictures. Seems like a long time from now, but bed rest has taught me an important thing. Even when you think time is still, even when it feels a bit stalled, it is flowing forward faster than realized.

All is fairly quiet on the pregnancy front. Maybe better described as fairly unchanging. Days can be good, with a quiet calm uterus that remains relaxed and comfortable. Other days it has a life of its own and clutches so tightly around these boys I worry for them. Those are the days when the husband brings me things to distract/comfort me. I have had few strong cravings and since I cannot go procure the desired treats when the longing strikes, they usually pass unfulfilled. Last week I wanted cake, called T begging him to get cake from Trader Joe’s; he was so busy getting regular grocery (usually my realm) he forgot the cake. A few days ago he walked in to Command Central with a dozen of these…procured at Vons…but
absolutely delicious. They are just the right size, the butter cream delightful. Mmmmm, that made the day look (and taste) a lot better. I did not eat the dozen alone, we distributed them throughout the household, but I had more than one. Heehee. Only thing is chocolate gives me heartburn, but then, everything gives me heartburn, so whatever. I also relocated my wedding ring to my favorite necklace…I still have little edema, but I do not want to wake up one morning and I find myself unable to remove it from my finger. I have entered countdown mode, that world where calendars gain profound significance and marking off days bring rushes of excitement and the dawn of each new day brings joy. I see my doc weekly now, discussion has yet to turn to an exact ‘when’’ though I would love a concrete date. You know, just to have a goal. I have set one for myself, I think it coincides with the doc’s plan…maybe we will discuss that today. We will see. Until then. I, the incubator, will hang in there.


Eva said...

Thank you for another lovely post :) I like reading your blog ever since I found it a few months ago!!!

Cheers Eva

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Just in case Command Central gets dull, I thought I'd link you to this bit on Tencel. It's actually a natural fiber, which is kind of interesting. I love Pima Tencel blends and don't find them hard on the hands, but I also knit loosely, so I'm sure that plays a role.

I love your crochet links. I actually crocheted my first coaster the other weekend. I think I may have the bug, too, but crochet seems to hurt my hands a little. There is a great book of knit and crochet ripple patterns (I think it's called Ripple Patterns) that you may want to check out for your blanket. Perhaps we can crochet-along together on that one, though I warn you it will take me forever!

Finally, I too have a date in mind for the beans, though I think it may be too far out. Any chance you can make it to April 15? That is my brother Sam's birthday...

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

P.S. You do know about Librivox right? Great books read aloud for free. Also, NPR podcasts a lot of its shows (This American Life, Fresh Air, The Splendid Table) for free. Just download to the computer or ipod and you have entertainment while you knit...