Friday, March 30, 2007


You make me feel so young
You make me feel like spring has sprung
Every time I see you grin
I'm such a happy individual

The moment that you speak
I want to go and play hide-and-seek
I want to go and bounce the moon
Just like a toy balloon

You and i, are just like a couple of tots
Running across the meadow
Picking up lots of forget-me-nots

You make me feel so young
You make me feel there are songs to be sung
Bells to be rung, and a wonderful fling to be flung

And even when Im old and gray
Im gonna feel the way I do today
cause you make me feel so young

Unable to resist the lure of the blooms and promises of the season, I took a little backyard stroll. The pink trumpets burst forth in the last 2 weeks, the bulbs put forth their precious gems, fleeting but so cherished. The large columns hold the roots of heirloom tomatoes-to-be, instead of cages my mum thought to let them hang off the sides as they fruit. The varieties she chose include the zebra stripe and one that is purported to be black/purple in color. Our peach tree has multiple flower clusters despite having received a severe pruning to reshape unruly branches, all is well in the garden. We have scads of future work to do to establish the hardscaping that will lend itself to decades of backyard celebrations, but for the time,the green will do. I hope to get a few raised beds of other bits of veg, some beans, and the obligatory herb garden going before true heat settles in to the area. Ahhh, short here, but sweet in its own right, no matter the zone one lives in. .I caught a glimpse of myself in the very dirty glass of our white does accent the tummy, does it not? The very degree of protrusion...shocking to me. I think because I so rarely take to my feet. And there are few full length mirrors around. And my top is white. Jeez. Well, by the time all the lovely garden bits come to bear, I too will likely have brought my own Spring beans forth....starting to fantasize about, the black thumb of the family. Shows you how I am really feeling it, the preggers thing. In knitting news, I am working on a teeny Tomten jacket a la EZ. Should be done soon because of the teeny-ness. Pics to come. Have I mentioned I love EZ. I am thinking of ordering the DVD of her Knitting Workshop to have her witty presence grace my home. I have the book but would delight in hearing it in her own words and delivery. What a gift to the world of knit. I also supplemented my library with the Mason Dixon book, and this book to get my Ripple on. Guess I better get back to my needles (though my usual Ellen hour has been bumped to feature the inane coverage of a 'raging' foothill fire in HW)(I frickin' hate the news here)(Idiots). Have a lovely weekend, folks.

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Eva said...

gorgeous blooms!!! Are those black/purple tomatoes 'kumatoes' by any chance? We've been buying these 'black' tomatoes for over a year now (in the supermarket) and I just love them... and I hate tomatoes hehehe.
You sure look pregnant, LOL... but it looks good on you :)
Cheers Eva - PS: that really sucks that they change the programming for a fire...