Sunday, May 27, 2007

30 Cakes

I can get pictures on!!!!!!!!! Yeeeehaw! It works now that I did a little research, uploaded Mozilla and followed instructions. And now you can see Daddy turning 30 with his beautiful sons and homemade cake. Tim celebrated the onset of his 30s on Tuesday with a few homemade t-shirts 'from' his boys, and an unbelievably
chocolatey cake that I made that day and a meal at the was a great! First baking I have done since Christmas. A bit exhausting but it felt so good to create in the kitchen again. May 22, 2007 was also the initial due date of the Beans...I remember the OB confirmed the pregnancy and used the little date wheel and told me and I sat there thinking the day sounded so familiar, like it was already important. When I told Tim he looked at me a bit askance and it hit me...Our baby (babies, but we did not know that at the time) would possibly have the same bday as Papa. Cool! Now, of course, we know Tim will keep the date to himself, and we will have that many more opportunities for cake! We ended up with 3 cakes total: my home baked, a huge Costco sheetcake for a family/friend party yesterday, and the real great friend, a true baker, surprised Tim with a cake last night. We have yet to cut it as we were a bit overloaded, but I know it will be a singular experience. She bakes for a local bakery and was the one to create our wedding cake. It was really the best tasting cake I have ever had, it looked spectacular and she had to transport it over 300 miles, then assemble it on site. If any readers out there are looking, go to Some Crust in Claremont and ask for Katrina, you will not regret it. And though I have been focusing on the cakes, it is the man that truly deserves the recognition. He is just about the most wonderful Daddy, person, friend, lover, and partner this woman could want. He fills my heart with joy and song and I cannot wait to share in this, the next and best decade of his life so far. To you, my MCD, I say:

You are long hikes in Marshall Canyon.
You are dusty bike rides in August.
You are the best driver I know.
You are side-aching laughs during 2 a.m. projectile poop moments.
You are my husband.
You are their Daddy.
You are amazing.

Love, your girl, Amiee 0 (only you know)


Eva said...

Happy Birthday Mamie's Hubby!!!

I love that last picture... it is sooo gorgeous :)

Cheers Eva - who now has a craving for chocolate cake...

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of daddy and his boys. How beautiful. I love the knitting blogs but keep us up to date with your "beans" too...they are so precious.