Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Routine Knitting?

Things in the Bean household are starting to resemble something of a routine, which I am sure will change in it’s own due time. But for the time being, I find myself awake after the usual 4 a.m. feed (they are just not big enough to make it) and it gives me a blissfully silent time of day that stretcheS until the 7 a.m. feed. I so know I should be sleeping, but the ability to rise early has always been mine, I cherish this time and find it is great for blogging. But I am beginning to think about the blogging thing because, essentially, I blogged because I knit. I did not knit because I blogged. Now, we know the state of my knitting, fairly non-existent. It did not bother me so much until right now. We hit the one month mark, my jelly brain began to resolidify to some extent and I found ravelry via others and began to get the feel, the itch, the desire to be back with needles in hand, projects on board, something to show. I have always loved finding photos of others’ projects and plans, so I am going to try to devote some morning time to knitting rather than surfing. This will be difficult, but I can get snatches of time during the day to visit all my faves. I do not usually have the luxury of two hands because of the needs of the Beans, so if I exert some discipline on myself, I may just have something to show.

In other news, we have growing babies, we have a lot more joyfulness with less stress due to some resolution in feeding, we have a mama with improving stamina and this all serves for a very happy household. I am letting go of my obsession with the boys intake-output. You do not even want to see the record of the first month. I have always been an excellent note taker, it provided me with scholarships throughout college and a little extra income when other students copied my notes to use in study (what they did not get was it was the actual note taking that helps one grasp the info). But I went a bit overboard with the Beans, recording amounts, dipe changes, etc. even at 2 a.m. now that I am getting this a bit and they are following a routine I have less anxiety about their feed amounts and the like. I am aware of the adage that everything changes just when you think you’ve got it and that is okay.

I have an amazing friend with triplets who inspires and guides me with her example of mother to multiples. We had some time together this weekend, first time meeting in person in years (we corresponded via email the whole pregnancy). She said such a great thing to us, that this whole thing does not get easier, it just changes and gets different. I love that she said that because I hear the ring of truth. Parenting is not easy when done right. It has so many subtleties, so many decisions and so many responsibilities. And this you just realize as it unfolds in front of you. Not easy, but different.

So, onward to Chapter 2. It moves quicker than a good trashy novel, this whole time with babies thing. Let us see if I can make it a bit more about the knits and fiber. I can at least try.

* For you out there that think our babies most serene, here is proof of their ability to cry. But I have to say we are lucky enough that it is only with need, not just for fun. Here they were hungry and, like, Mom, feed us already.


Sharon said...

I am so glad to see that you guys are settling in...the boys look great :)

the_crocheter said...

I have the same obsession with note teking with my girl. She has colics and I don't have routine yet. I'm stressed because I'm afraid that she might lose weight--she is eating less because of her pain in stomack. Did you have the same issues?