Monday, June 04, 2007

A Knitting Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl that knit things, not little things but complex detailed things. Like sweaters. Once upon a time before baby knitting, she found patterns she loved and actually made them. Now she gazes longingly at others knitting and knitting plans and dreams of the time when her prince will return from his job and free her hands to click and clack away . And despite knowing it might stir the knitting deities, she longs to show that, yes, she did once do real knitting but had no one to show because she did not blog back then. She has piles of pieces unrealized. Piles of the dreaded ‘Unifinished Objects’. For this girl in our tale, well, she was never strong on the finishing front and abandoned her efforts when success was so near. And now, well now, she wishes she had tackled the challenge of seaming and buttons because these tasks seem impossible to surmount. But possibly, if she rubs a magic lamp, kisses a toad and sleeps (what? Sleeps?) on a magic bed with a pea (or bean)…well, maybe then her wish will come true and she will have garments fit for a queen.

Sorry for the fabricated faerie tale, but we jut watched Pan’s Labyrinth and I cannot stop thinking of it and it’s tragic magical story. I have watched very few movies of late and I am glad my time went towards this tale because it is beautiful. Well, both knits above were inspired by ladies I used to read and love but who have been a bit absent from the blog world of late. I miss them both. (Well, jess just posted. yay.)(and libby's blog is gone. anyone know her whereabouts?) Colchique was crafted along with this KAL, the ladies involved were so wonderful with assisting in translation of French instruction. It was a challenge for a few reasons and I think I will eventually just seam the sleeves and knit on a simple I-cord edging to complete the neck line. The collar as designed is too much for my mind and my time and my neckline, so we will keep it simple. The IK Corset Pullover (used to be a free download, but I cannot find the link to the pattern anymore. Sorry.) has ¾ length sleeves with some lovely bell action and lace but it is summer now and if I just join the shoulders and weave ends (ugh.) I would have a lovely tank top for those balmy ( I mean, sweaty) summer nights we host here in the southland. The corset plan seems do-able for the next event out, probably some type of dinner or bbq for the 4th of July, so there is my deadline. The plan for Colchique is to finish by fall (whew!) so that I might have a season appropriate knit to wear. Now, I know I rarely post pattern info or yarn info or pattern notes, this because I am a bit lazy and also not sure that this info would help any others. Sufficed to say this will likely not change in the near future, but if there are questions generated by the pieces (and I do mean pieces) shown, feel free to comment and I will get back to you.

Please excuse the self portaints via mirror and sans make-up. Tim had the beans and mama had free hands. Holla'

My current WIPs look like this.
The MDK nightie will not be done in my 6 week post-partum time frame, but guess what? I doubt the hubby will care. TMI. And the Mason Dixon Burpie is so very pleasant, it receives attention during pump sessions and odd moments of down time and it grows. Very satisfying because of its simplicity and obvious progress and color combination. I am finding I love the MDK warshrag/burpies because of the variety of color combination possibilities. Color is not something I usually contemplate, but these patterns have unlocked a new desire in me, to seek out new Peaches/Sugar and Cream colors and try them out side by side. There are a few more balls awaiting in my stash boxes and I look forward to a future of many such rectangles to use on the beans while they burp/spit on us . And the mental level required goes well with my current status: simple. Simple because some nights I do not sleep...those nights when Mason

wakes at 12, Owen at 1, Mason at 2, Owen…well, you get the idea. I love my babies but they, as with any other child, are not perfect. They, the mercurial little beings, decide to switch it up when we least expect it. Evolution did a really good thing when it created babies with beautiful big heads filled with round eyes and pouty mouths. Because on the mornings following those nightmarish nights (and we all have them), you wake to this, smile and burrow your weary head in their spit-up smelling softest ever neck and thank god, the spirits and every other deity that they are yours and they are there every morning when you wake. Happy 6 weeks, baby boys. Mama loves you.

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Hannah said...

I'm not sure how I came across your blog originally, but I'm glad I did :)
I have some unsolicited advice for you for eliminating completely sleepless nites. I know everyone says let sleeping babes sleep, but they didn't parent (or in my case, nanny for) twins. When O wakes at 12, wake M. Feed 'em, change 'em, love 'em both up and then put 'em both down and get a much needed 2 hours of sleep. The first nite or 2 will suck, but soon they'll be on the same sleep/wake schedule (for the most part) and you will be loving the 2 hour snippits of sleep :)
Aren't twins fabulous!? I keep telling my husband that if we don't have twins, I'll be a little sad....