Friday, June 01, 2007


My sons met the eldest of the family, my awesome brother Dan, on Tuesday. We met him out on a base while he whirled through the Southland with the General he serves under. My bro is hilarious and comes up with some really funny contributions to conversation. So, Tim and I have the boys in laps, they are getting a bit fussy and we start looking for their pacifiers. Now, from previousposts, you know that we nickname everything. So pacifiers go by: Dot, Ducha, Bink and Passi. It is a wonder anyone knows what the hell Tim and I are talking about at any given time. Dan listens to our ramblings and, dead pan, says "They call them Goat Teats in Iraq". I do not know if is lack of sleep or my quirky sense of humor, but I busted a gut. And now Tim and I are just waiting for that time in Public when I can turn to him and frantically demand "Do you know where his Goat Teat is?" Oh yes, I love being a parent.

*Next up: The Beans meeting with either a slice of lemon or a Sour Patch Kid while video rolls. Lest you think this cruel, look here to see what others have done with their small children.

Mmmmmmmmm...delicious. We saw doc and both boys are fabulous...O is up to 7.10 and Mace 6.5. Oh, that makes mama happy happy.


annie said...

I´ve only just seen the pictures of your sons. Boy, they are sweet. Congratulations and have fun with the goats teats!

Knitting Mama said...

They are too cute. My son, not a twin, was born really tiny, at 38 weeks. He was 5 lbs 5 oz, and when he left the hospital he was 4 lbs 14 oz. Then he dropped to almost 4 lbs 8 oz (4 and a half lbs). I know how you feel when they start gaining even just ounces! We were worried for a good while, until he started gaining weight again!

Your twins are too cute. I can't imagine having more than 1 at a time. Go you! Looks like you're managing well! I stumbled across your blog from baby bumpers knitting blog.

Sharon said...

Yeaaaaa boys! So glad to hear they are gaining weight well :) Margaret goes in on Tuesday, hopefully we will have good news too.


Rae said...

OH MY WORD! If anything is worth taking a break from knitting for, it's THAT. Those are the cutest boys I've ever seen. Congrats, Mama, you did well! Thanks for your comment, by the way. :)

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

OMG! They're HUGE! HUGE, I say! It must be all that Goat Milk.

Annie said...

Oh man, newborns are just yummy. Congratulations!