Sunday, July 08, 2007

We're Back!

We made it back, all accounted for. It was just about the most fulfilling and awesome (and somewhat exhausting) trip we have ever taken.

It started out so well with the beans taking the 5 hour car ride in stride, very little seems to faze these guys and we are finding it is all in the timing. As long as we are in the vicinity of a sit down restaurant/travel stop within 15 minutes of a feed time, well, we are gold. And the elevation did not seem to do any damage either up or down, likely because they were furiously sucking on their 'goat teats'. We remembered all essential baby items, but I did discover that in my fervor to pack for the little guys, I overlooked a few items for Mama, namely all of my grooming supplies including hair pick, face lotion and wash, and, oh I don't know, clothes for me. Just kidding about the last thing, but it was a lesson in how much things change after babies. I have never forgotten my beauty bag before as it is tantamount to sacrilege to not wash my face at night and apply the elixir of the goddesses, Aveda's Botanical Kinetics hydrating face lotion. Found out Cetaphil works just as well (we may have to downgrade anyway as the budget does not seem to want to fit lotion and diapers in the same tally). Ah well, I had a good run of it while it lasted.

Anyway, the lake itself was as it always is, serene and soul filling. It is just one of those places. I really think the boys felt the same as we do. They ate al fresco and napped on blankies lakeside.

They experienced the world of hiking from the perspective of a baby bjorn and found it agreeable. Mishka was able to come along on the trip and was thrilled. She had a lovely time with swimming and walking and frolicking in the woods surrounding the cabin. It was good to be able to include her but we quickly discovered she adds up to Baby Number Three when she wants to be ornery. Oddly enough she has learned to make these times coincide with feeding time with the boys. Can't say shepherds are not smart dogs.

The thing I found the most wonderful was the undivided time we spent with the boys. Tim has not been able to be home daily since the first week. He, as so many other dads in the world, had to go back to work. Essential as it is that we have an income, it breaks my heart that he misses so much time with them. This week allowed him days of uninterrupted time with them, and as demanding as it is, it is also so rewarding.
We work really well as a team and found we even had some down time to rest on the porch with a cold Corona in hand, rocking and talking quietly, catching up, in a way.
It was good to 'unplug' from the world and gather our little family close and just bond again. He is such a strong partner and has an unbelievably easy way with the boys. And he is able to react calmly to their occasional screaming fits, something Mama cannot quite do yet. And he let Mama drive when she wanted to escape the back seat, willingly playing the role of entertainment to the Beans during those car seat rides that do not always go so smoothly. I tell you, some wonderful deity was looking out for me when they brought that man into my life.

Another thing I found refreshing was the reaffirmation that we can do things. Many people have commented to us how much our lives would change when these guys arrived. We are well-known in our circles for being travelers, whether in or out of country.
We love to camp, move around and explore. Well, the camping is on hold for a bit (we are not that ambitious), the moving is over (home ownership calmed the gallivanting) but the exploration does not have to end. It just has to change. It has to accommodate. And we are finding out it can. There are a lot of sacrifices one makes in parenting, but I was hoping it would not mean abandoning our life style. It is a simple life style and the things we love are easily accessed, a good trail or a blanket on the grass. I am glad so far that the Beans seem to enjoy these things.

We watched their gazes as they tried to focus on the many trees and sparkling lake and just took in the new surroundings. We brought them to our cove where they napped easily and wet their little toes a bit in the water. And though they were asleep, they even attended their first 4th of July fireworks. We now know these boys could sleep through the 'bombs bursting in air' when they are really tired. We shared a part of our lives with them that now will become intrinsic to theirs. It is such a feeling, this family thing. We look forward to more trips, more fun, more experiences with the Beans. Yay, Team Yatez!


Lola and Ava said...

The boys looks so big in the last photo . . . wow! We didn't travel a lot with the girls when they were little (too damn poor), but I firmly believe that your kids will adapt to just about anything. I see tons of parents now when we travel who bring the whole nursery and literally freak out when their child doesn't do exactly what he or she would be doing back home. Then there are the parents who go with the flow and their children have a blast!

Cetaphil is awesome, by the way. We're never without it in our house!

Bea said...

The beans are getting so big! That's so great you guys had a great time, good luck on reentry into everyday life :)

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Good for you! I knew you'd have a wonderful time!

Sharon said...

So glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip. You all look so happy and relaxed. And the boys are getting so big!

Emily said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! And good for the soul. So glad they did as well as they did.


jennifer said...

lovely post - what a wonderful respite for your family. treasured memories!