Saturday, July 14, 2007

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

We have knitting content. It is not much, but it is knitting. I had the chance to cast on and off on the simplest of projects…baby leg warmers. They are my new love.

Non-knit version: I improvised initially by ripping the seam out of some little Target knee highs and putting them on the boys upside down. Why?, you may ask. Well, we have so many onesies in their clothing repertoire, but we are sadly lacking in any pants. Baby pants seem to be hard to come by. And when they wear pants they look quite like little old men visiting from the Florida Keys. I am sure they prefer the leg warmers. It has been pretty hot around our parts, which insures the use of central air. We have a brand new system that cranks out deliciously cold air (with very efficient use of energy, I might add, as evidenced by our most recent electric bill. It was reasonable, a little God send in this one income for now family). Anyway, it helps to have something to slip on and off their plump little legs in order to dispel the chill. It got me thinking a bit ahead to cooler temperature times and I decided to try to knit something so….

Knit version: I mean, it could not have been any simpler. I had some lovely Calmer that was gifted to me the same week the Beans were born. Julia came by our little hospital room to meet both myself and the boys (Lord, that seems like a lifetime ago, does it not, Julia?) and in her generous spirit, left me with three balls of really lovely deep purple Calmer. And I have been checking it out in those few rare precious moments when my hands could fondle something other than baby skin. And Calmer is so soft. So I did it. I cast on 30 stitches on some random needle size (6..7?), did a twisted rib cuff and was off to st-st heaven. It cannot even be called a pattern and my tension is so terrible (we watched Shooter during some of the knit time and I started to pull tighter because of the story line. Good flick, by the way). I dropped a stitch somewhere and decided “F*** it, I ain’t going back” and I just tied it off. Really, I did, people. Shoddy. But I finished it, one whole leg warmer in a size that will likely fit them in a few months. This is imperative to allow proper wear of seasonable knits. So, it now awaits its partner, who is currently on the needles. On the needles, people.

I just decided I had to knit. One stitch, two rows, a leg warmer…it does not really matter. The knitting feels so good, it feels like me, it does something to the psyche. I know you who knit understand. And I don’t care that this project is beyond simple and, truly, may not fit them when they will actually need warm legs. I finished a piece, I will finish the next, I will cast on for the second pair (ahhh, twins, always trying to keep it equal). I may even try to make a bigger version for later in Winter (ahhh, Winter, when will she be here?). I have conceded that I will not be knitting sweaters anytime soon, I should not even entertain the ideas for projects that are not tube shaped right now. When I do re-enter that world, I already know what I want to do….the Tomten. Because look at this, they fit in it! And it is 95 degrees outside,
and they will not fit in it next week.(If you want to see the initial fit, you can click.) But the cuteness. So, it is a two year plan…I will make the toddler version for next next winter. Ha. That really takes the pressure off. I could even make the young adult/teen version, as that genius over at Brooklyntweed has done. But they likely would shun it as cheesy by that age. Toddler size should work as I can still forcibly dress them. (Rambling now, I think I may need some sleep, but it feels so good to write about knitting.)

One more little note…I have actually swatched for these planned Tomtens already…back in bed rest days. It is Morehouse Merino and the colors are so awesome. I did not buy the yarn, I have no idea how to figure out how much I need and that yarn is not cheap. But the bones of the plan are in place, so this could actually happen. For now I am sticking to tubes, but there is a little spark of hope that has been kindled. I know now I have to turn off the laptop and pick up the needles to get the knits in, this was discovered up at the Cabin where we had no Net access. This here, it is just a little check-in, you know, to let folks now I can blog about something other than baby (Well, technically it is all about baby knits, but whatever.) The day the Tomten comes back into play on my needles I will blog and then rejoice. But this is in the future. For now I will leave you with a shot of the hike we did in the foothills today. Can you find the Meesh?

Author's Note: Yes, I know they are boys and yes, I know they will eventually want to kill me for putting them in leg warmers. But I don't care cause they are so durned cute.


Eva said...

LOL... it sure looks cute hehehe. What size of clothes do the twins fit in now??? I'm totally notionless about baby sizes :)

Cheers Eva - who would love to swap with The Meesh as it is over 90 degrees here... and 2 days ago it was barely 60 :)

Sharon said...

yeaaa...knitting! It's all about finding little snippets of time here (and putting off that dreadful housework some too). Love the legwarmer idea too, may have to borrow it...they would be perfect in our FL a/c since M lives in onesies right now...and I can see great usage for them when the babes start to crawl, no cute little legs on chilly floors.

BethAnn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog : )
Your boys are getting sooo cute as they get bigger! Im scared my Acacia is growing too fast and ill miss something, i just cant stare at her enough.