Friday, August 17, 2007

Gables and Cables

I have a finished and beautiful object, the Green Gable top. It is by far my
favorite knit. It is a wonderfully simple pattern with the fit of a glove, skimming lightly over my post-partum curves, making them feel, well, curvy. I loved being able to try on and determine the length, it is one of my pet peeves, too short shirts. I think top down knits are the future of all my knitting for myself. It is just so rewarding to finally knit something that fits and flatters. I love it!

The yarn is Noro Lily, a cotton and silk blend. It has a nice sheen to it with just enough silk to soften and lighten the piece considerably. I appreciate the drape of the fabric and the lace shows nicely thought the yarn seems a little heavy to really show the pattern. Casting on with backward loop was a mistake for my knitting tension, I tend to be a loose knitter and the edge rolls a bit more than I would have liked, but it does allow the piece to have the ballet neck line I have always admired. When I was growing up in the dance world I perused endless catalogues of dance wear and always dreamed of having the stature and wrap clothing featured in the ‘dance class’ sections, now I have my ballet neckline (sans the stature of course, but I gave up on growing a longer neck a long time ago). Overall, I want to buy more Lily and knit this over and over, but I may go with another one of the Zephyr patterns next as I know I can complete it in record time (for me) and I think they have the right formula for my body type.

I did buy the book by Barbara Walker on top down knits and have made it a reading item, I do not think design is in my future right now, the numbers/figuring out thing still ain’t quite happening. But on the needles now in the famous Shedir, a tiny
cable treat that is easy to track due to the excellent pattern from Knitty. Some of my Calmer stash is being used, thanks for the suggestion, Katie. I think it will move along as a naptime knit, one teeny tiny row at a time, until the cooler weather hits here. Then, wah-la!, I will whip out the hat to keep my ears toasty. I may have need of it if we make it to the Cabin for our Thanksgiving celebration…the plan is for family from all parts of California to meet at the cabin and enjoy the holiday amongst pines and loved people. The way time is flowing, it will be here before I know it.

In Bean news, well, so very much and so very little, that encapsulates how I feel in the Mothering department. They seem to grow more rapidly every day, they stay awake longer and are starting a very interesting way of interaction with each other. They are so wonderful, but still so helpless in so many ways. I have stuck with the EASY plan I was so gung-ho about…with a few modifications. I want to write a whole post about it sometime, just to find out how many of my readers have ‘routines’ for their babies, and how it works for them. I try not to be too rigid about it all….but with two you have to do something to keep the days from spiraling into nuttiness. What I mean by that is they are at the point where they are much more aware and interactive with everything, but also the point where this tends to overwhelm them and tire them out. Naps are going, someday better than others. They seem to be ‘short’ nappers at times, they do not always make it past that dreaded 45 minute mark, waking themselves up with flailing arm and screaming lip….not sure why, considering moments before the occurrence they are so peaceful looking. Those are the times when Mama here feels a little despair, but for the most part they seem to be growing and growing well. I guess the bumps and bits of mama-hood will always bring up questions. We cannot complain, the boys are so good to us and for us.

Lately, despite weird daily naps, they have been giving us about 4 hours of sleep twice a night (with the occasional 5-6 hour stretch, ahhhh.). This helps me a bit as I have never needed sleep much, but I am starting to wish I had appreciated it more when I could have it. Lest you think we have babies that ‘sleep through the night’ I will post their new routine at some point. Basically, we get them in bed at 730, they sleep until 11 when we wake them to feed (the ‘dream’ feed), then they sleep until 4-5 (or sometimes 6-7, ahhhh.). And then the day starts again.

I think the thing I worry about most with them is that we will mess them up somehow. I try not to think that way, but I wonder if this choice or that choice will alter their course. I know it is a hard way to think, but I cannot stop that part of my mind, the worrying part. Tempering it is the time I get to enjoy while they are up and happy. I decided when I ‘Mommyblog’ I want to be as honest as possible about the current challenges and rewards of my experience in new Motherhood. I think it is important to do this to keep the account of this as it is, so in the future when I go back I recall it because my words convey it. I also think it is important because I can paint whatever picture I want to, so I want it to be honest and open for other mamas reading. I love this blog, her discussions lately focus on breastfeeding, a topic I can relate to but no longer share in. Giving up the breast was one of my first real decisions in this journey…it was so hard, but essential to my own health. Now a new challenge is leaving for a bit without feeling guilty for the leaving. My mom suggested I go to Joann’s fabrics on my own, to leave them with her for a bit. I needed to buy fabric for curtains…darker is better for sleeping babies. I did leave them, felt weird the whole time, but I guess I need to get used to it if I will be trying to get back to work a bit. And I got a great deal on some nice brown corduroy for ‘blackout’ curtains. Lots of plans for spicing them up, we will see where that goes. I am just glad I got Green Gable off the needles and Shedir on. Both projects are accomplishments in my book.

Sorry for the rambling bits, it is Friday, my favorite day because it means:
-Daddy is home for two days (Daddy who has been leaving early and getting home late for a bit due to work demands. Ick.)
-Friday means babies in bed, beer for Mama and daddy with some adult time without any chores, etc. (We just put it aside until tomorrow.)
-One more week complete, this has little significance but a hold over from when I used to work in the ‘work’ world.

So, on to our weekend, which includes a reunion for my husband’s family and a pre-wedding party for my cousin by marriage (who I have known since she was 7 or so and now she is getting married. What?). Hold a few prayers for her groom, he is shipping out to Iraq soon. We love that boy and wish him home as soon as possible (wish he did not have to go at all, really).

Signing out, I going to go sit with my husband and hang out until 11. Have a great weekend.


Lola and Ava said...

Oh my goodness, that sweater is unbelievably gorgeous and it makes you look unbelievably gorgeous as well. I can't believe that you look that way after having the boys so few months ago. Hell, I still look "post-partum" and they are 16-years-old! Enough of the rant.

The first few days after I stopped nursing the girls, I felt really shitty, but it passed in a week or so. It took that long to realize that I wasn't a dairy any longer. Have a great weekend!


Eva said...

Ooohhhh now I want that sweater too. I'd seen it a couple of times, but only in woolly yarns and I just can't imagine a short sleeved woolly sweater hehehe. But your yarn choice gives me another option.
The Beans are cuter and cuter every single time. And although I'm not a mommy and not sure I'll ever be one, I am enjoying your honest posts and observations :)
Cheers Eva - which you pronounce Ava in case you're wondering ...

Sereknitty said...

It's so refreshing to hear someone being honest about her struggles with motherhood. From my observation, it seems to me that those who think they have it all together perfectly, usually don't. The ones who are concerned that they don't, usually do.
And you look absolutely fabulous in your lovely new sweater!

ana martinez said...

You look fan-frigity-tastic!
Love ya.

Katie said...

I also wanted to share in some of the sweater love ~ it looks amazing and the fit seems perfect!

I'm also a fan of the top-down sweater, with a long torso, I'm often pulling my shirts down and I love it when they just fit.

Have a great day!

kaitlyn said...

deciding to wean is hard no matter when you decide its time... and so it going out by yourself! I remember feeling really weird too--i took maia everywhere with me for many months.

The sweater looks fabulous--did you modify at all?

Gabrielle said...

Your sweater is fabulous, and you look so great in it - well done! I really enjoy the honesty of your blog. Motherhood is so rewarding, but really fraught with emotion and uncertainty - perhaps it gets easier after the first one(s)?I gave up nursing at 6 months when Thomas suddenly started pushing me away and only wanted the bottle - I still have some regrets about that, especially when I see other mums in my mothers group still breastfeeding, but it has given me a lot more freedom. The first time I went out without him was strange, but also amazingly liberating - now I really crave that time out every so often.

gleek said...

ha, after commenting on that other post i just realized you have twins! :) new reader blunder. are you into the baby whisperer? i'm a huge fan of EASY. we use it at home. i spend a lot of time in the BW forums getting all types of advice. you should definitely look for help there the next time you need it. the posters are very understanding!