Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine? I want you to picture the scene with the little girl watching the beauty queen win her crown. Remember when she freezes the tape on the moment the new queen hears her name? That was my expression when I opened a box addressed to me. It contained this...

I rarely win anything, I think it has something to do with the fact that I rarely join any contests. I did put my 2 cents in over at Blue Garter, mainly because I wanted Sarah to know I thought she could accomplish her goal of finishing a sweater along with the Tour de France. She had a few obstacles, at one time I think she felt
like she was in the Alps part of the ride, but she did it! Her completed Brigette is lovely and my haul from winning was more than generous. So far I have yet to buy a ball of Calmer, I have received quite a few as gifts (Emily, I will send something some day, I swear. I will be a surprise). I love this yarn and mourn it's price because I think I would only knit in it if I could.

Now I am scoping through Ravelry to find projects that strike a fancy in me. I think I will look for projects for next Spring (when the Beans approach 1. What?) That way I will get the best out of the beauty of my prize-winnings. And the lace, well, there are so many patterns to choose from, I will keep it until the time when lace patterns make sense and I know I can do it justice.

My Green Gable has actually taken on the shape of a top and the progress heartens me. I have one great project in mind for the needles, a vest for Bean 2. I have one complete, chock full of lovely cables and satisfying moss stitch. No real photos of it on a child, it should fit right around Christmas. If they blow right by it, I will have great disappointment in my heart. I want to try to get them in the vests for a Christmas photo shoot, you know, for those announcement Xmas cards I plan on making from scratch (hmmm, stop now).

Thought I would hop on the 8 random things train so here it is:

* I always wake up with some random pop song coursing through my thoughts. Occasionally this can annoy the heck out of me as it tends to follow me around all day. Today : Thethe's This is the Day (now on an M&M commercial. Is nothing sacred?)

* I have two implanted teeth because I was born missing 2 mature teeth. I lost those 2 baby teeth at 21 and was actually toothless for a short time. The bar tender at my favorite bar thought I was a brawler. Flattering.

* I used to be heavily into Astrology and I would map everyone's Birth Chart with all the signs, houses, etc. But I never gave them to the people, so for a long time I just had scads of these things hanging around. I finally tossed them, once I felt like I was not throwing away a part of the person. I am weird like that.

* I cannot throw away photos because I feel like it would do something to the people in them (See above.) And I have to admit I have thrown away some in the past because I wanted something to happen to someone. Kinda' vindictive like that. Not so much anymore.

* I used to 'read' the dictionary. I love words, but have that disease when I know the meaning but not the proper pronunciation. This can be embarrassing.

* I was schooled with the same 40 people for 8 years, then the same 50 girls for high school. They were all much wealthier than myself (my family, really). This did not really affect me except I know money does not fix anything/anyone/any life and I have a healthy fear of getting involved with groups of people.

* I love information about people. That is why I like the blog world so much. I love hearing about people's lives, from the mundane to the sublime. It is also why I share quite a bit. I feel like I should reciprocate for those out there that read.

* I believe love can change any thing, situation, life. I believe it is a daily choice to love, one that can be hard at times. I believe if we do not choose to love we will lose what makes us beautiful creatures.

8 random things. Now, Mrs. Mama's Knitties, consider yourself tagged...and any others out there that read here and want to share your randomness.

And, yes, the photos are as random as the facts. I just love how Owen's thumb is stuck in his dot. And Mason is shmuggling with my friend Jenn, hair stylist extraordinaire.

One more random thing, did you know 'meme' rhymes with 'theme'? I did not until I read it somewhere. One less embarrassing moment (if I ever have to actually say 'meme.)

Last random: Little video of the Beans (a little cranky but cute) talking to Daddy.

talking beans from mamie and Vimeo.


Katie said...

this is just a quick comment because i'm 'working' right now! a great use for calmer is the shedir cap (knitty fall 04). i'm not sure if you would wear hat/beanie much in LA, but it's a fun knit and the hat turns out so soft and squishy with calmer! another thing - i always thought that meme was said "me me" because it's about me... thanks for clearing that up!

Lola and Ava said...

Calmer is to die for . . . love it! I usually wake up with really bad pop songs and then torture my students by singing and/or dancing to them. The one that always gets them is "We Like to Party" by the Venga Boys. There, now I've done it to you!

Anonymous said...

I have to keep commenting as anonymous because I can't for the life of me get my blogger account to recognize me! I am Random Musings on VOX.com...a gramma who loves to knit for her grands and enjoys reading the blogs of moms! I feel like a lurker on your blog..but I love to read your thoughts. And I am enjoying watching your Beans grow. The video is adorable...as they are.

You are an amzing mom!

Sarah / Blue Garter said...

I'm glad you liked the prize! I snagged a whole bag of that Calmer (for a very reasonable price - I agree it's awfully dear) from a friend who was moving out of the continental US, but I knew I'd have leftovers. I think the other seven balls will someday become a Lacy Waves sweater from Lace Style.

Funny, I think the meme has increased its number of random things since I did it. Soon it will be 10 Random Things.

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, they are so adorable! Two talking babes is wonderful! And Daddy is so sweet talking to them. Love your random things...I used to read the encyclopedias, I'd look up something for school and get sidetracked with another article, kids don't do that these days with the internet...

Anonymous said...

you lucky duck! i looked for some calmer this week at strands and stitches and yarn lady, and could not find any. i also could not find ez's knitting workshop.

i do want to get together next week, either monday or tuesday. i'll be gone from wednesday to friday or saturday in san jose for the visa championships (gymnastics).

Give me a call when you get a chance, miss ya.

rae said...

Wow, what a great package!

Nora said...

I love reading information about people too! Thanks for sharing yours. :)