Friday, August 03, 2007


First off, thanks for all the encouraging comments generated by my last post. I usually try to be really upbeat about my posts, but, you know, it is nice to share the other reality and know I am not alone. I started this post a few days before the 'bad day' and laughed when I realized that I had misspelled the title. I left it to support the point of this post...that nothing is perfect nor does it have to be.

I recently started my Green Gable (why am I always, like, a year behind in the knit world?) Anyway, I noticed something about myself during this knit. I do not really care when I make mistakes in my knitting projects. I am one of those slippy sloppy knitters that truly believe that no one will see that skipped/slipped/dropped stitch and, if they did, they would likely not care. I rarely rip, when I do I find it to be only when things have gone drastically wrong. It made me recall something I once heard but I know not where I gleaned it from. This happens a lot to me, I tend to pick up tidbits of information and know not where to lay the credit. It is a thing I have always done, I cannot even blame the parenting of twins for that one (yeah, giving up the pregnancy excuse, moving on the the parenting defense. Very cool aspect of having children.) Sorry, major digression.

Anyway…the imperfection thing. I recall hearing/seeing somewhere that weavers of fabric leave a line of imperfection in their pieces. This allows them a ‘way out’ of their work, a way to keep themselves from being held in their weaving. I thought that was a lovely concept, that in our creation is part of our Self. I think that I what has knitters identify so strongly with the act itself. And I love that imperfections tend to not bother me. A reminder I do not live a perfect life, nor do I desire to.

Which leads me back to Green Gable. You see, she is on the needles and moving along and I did the terribly novice thing of twisting the stitches when they were joined in the round. I caught it by the third row and corrected the twist….refusing to rip because do you know what I took to get it cast on in the first place? The twist is in the back at the neckline (at least I managed to get it in a semi-concealed area) and I see it each round and in a way it makes me a bit happy. Because I can let go of things. And move on. (And,yes, it may make me seem a bit like a lazy knitter, but I like to think of it in the other way.)

We will see how it goes with this project. I want to stay committed to it, but I have a few distractions cropping up. And I am not talking about the babies.

I decided to experiment with a few simple sewing projects, a little embroidery, some iron-on graphics for the plain onesies. You know how it is, seeing others’ blog about all their projects inspires. I love these little burp clothes my friend gifted on us and want to emulate them with cute fabrics. Which brings me to another digression. The burpies she gave us came from a little boutique in our downtown area. I opened the gift and had to laugh because the fabric panels on them are by one of my new fave fabric designers, Heather Ross. She has the most whimsical prints and I am constantly trying to score fat quarters on eBay. Imagine my delight to receive them. So sorry the boys spit up on them, Heather. Anyway, the burpies are simple and quick and satisfying. So far there is only one, I (badly) embroidered a little saying on it (clever, am I not?).

The onesies graphics are beyond simple, just print and press with hot iron. I do love me some good punk rock and figure it cannot hurt to let the boys declare themselves early on. Not that I want babies with Mohawks (wellll, those faux hawks are pretty spanking cute) and safety pin jewelry, but we have already crossed the legwarmer line, so why the heck not?

And then there is my lovely friend Danielle (super mama to triplets). She does stamp and card demos and I was able to slip out a few Sundays ago to make these. I cannot believe she has the time to prepare all the “raw” bits for these cards. All we have to do is sit and stamp and glue and leave with 8 lovely handmade cards. I want to provide support in her endeavors so if any of ya’ll out there want some sweet little stamps for quite reasonable prices, please visit her here. The only problem with the stamp session was it started a fire in my belly to create Xmas announcements (we did not do any for the births). Scary. I should really limit my ambitions at this point.

Anyway, I want to remain true to the Green Gable as it is simple and pretty. I am using Noro Lily yarn, my mama day present, and it slides so easily on the needles. I think I can do it, especially if I avoid too many other ‘commitments’. Now I am gonna’ get a few more rows in while they sleep.

I'll finish with one of the perfect things I do count in my life. Mr. Mason is modeling a tank i knit while pregnant. I recently completed it with those sassy buttons from Michael Levine's. They were initially to go to my rock a billy friend V, but I had no project done for them, by default they landed on the shoulders of this quick little knit. I love it but only have one...maybe I can add Tank 2 to my list for Owen....hmmmm.


Sereknitty said...

Love the cards! I'm an avid card designer and actually work part time in a scrapbooking store. It's tough having two obsessions: knitting and card making. When I wasn't working, I would make cards in the a.m., and then knit in the p.m. What fun!

Bea said...

I love the cards! I'm actually going to a card party in a week, so it's nice to see I can make some really pretty stuff! Mason looks so cute in his little tank.