Saturday, September 15, 2007


We had so much fun today...we went to see the Harlot. A few weeks ago I read in my Ravelry group that she was going to be in LA. I remember thinking I would get the GP's to watch babies and I would get out there to the LA Public Library (a beautiful building in downtown where they hold a lot of really neat things). Then last night I read a post by Katie where she was getting out to see the Yarn Harlot in Seattle and I thought, when was that date? Well, it was today and I spaced it. No GP's, they were watching little bro run x-country (he medaled, go Jon!). I called Ana but she had work (which I wish I could have changed, Ana, sorry for the late call). So, that left Daddy. And he was totally game. We loaded up the kiddos and headed to LA, not a bad drive at all. I forget our proximity to the city proper, I used to work in LA and take the train.

Now, being a new Mama, I never thought that there might be a waiting list, or like, that we might not get in. But there was a waiting list, we grabbed standby numbers 13/14, and without much trouble found ourselves ushered in. It was a beautiful place to see and hear the YH for the first time. Man, that lady is funny. I laughed with the boys the whole time, Daddy smiled but I think it was because he was afraid he might be strung up by rabid knitters if he did not go along. Tim made the funniest comment right before YH started speaking, he was sitting next to me and remarked on the odd sound that was filling the space around was the sound of hundreds of knitting needles clicking away. The acoustics were great, you could really hear them all.

One funny, I totally did not realize she was 'speaking', I thought it was going
to be a casual book sign/mingle around a hall thing, not a seated 90 minute session. I was a little nervous at first about having the boys in that setting, but then I realized that we were in the company of all knitters and they are truly the coolest people in the world. I figured a few squeaks and burps out of them would be tolerated and they were. And they were entranced by the hall and the speaker and the laughs generated by her wry and quick wit. I laughed so well, I feel like a newly refreshed person. I highly recommend you check her remaining tour dates and get out there to listen if you can. She will make your Knitting Day.

We finished our rather long day at the park, our favorite evening hang out. The sun wanes so much earlier these days, the air cools quickly, but we are eeking out what we can from the early evenings. While there Owen displayed his developing skill with his hands...not truly successful but a good photo op. And Mason displayed his new favorite face, we call it the Bitter Beer face (remember those Keystone commercials?). It cracks me up every time. This face is the exaggerated version.

I had no hands to knit with at the YH talk but I did get a few more rows in on the Cable Vest for my second sweetie. I have to say, my love and fire for knitting was renewed by her musings and humor. I love it all ,the fiber and the process. I am glad that in the maelstrom that is my life right now, I still have the wherewithal to get a row in when I can. An accomplishment in a life that feels so crazy at times, watching the tiny cables multiply makes me feel awesome. And we might actually make a Xmas deadline for this one. I have had the first around for quite some time, I am finding the second as pleasurable to knit, if not more. Back when I first did this project, cables were mysterious, pattern notes were taken, knitting in the round was explored. This time around I used the chart I made once to set up the cables, I breezed through the tubular cast on and I can just pick it up, knit a bit and put it down without losing place. Sure there are a few errant stitches but I refuse to go back, no one will know but you, my readers (and any non-knitters have absolutely no idea what I am babbling about at this point)(I doubt I have any non-knitter readers anyway.). Point being, I love that I am a different knitter, that I have learned about this craft that I so love and cherish in my spare moments.

So, go see the Yarn Harlot if you can, go fondle your stash and dream of the next project and then pick up those sticks, people. Today I rejoice in the fact that knitting feels good.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so glad that you went. Tim is such a good sport.

gleek said...

what a great time! it looks like the hubby and kids had a nice time too :) i really love that look on mason's face. too precious.

Bea said...

how fun! that is so cool that hubby came with you to a yarn event, large groups of women with pointy sticks scare my husband. i hope i get to see the harlot sometime. i love m's face, he is such a cutie! those little cabled sweaters are SO cute, you're doing a great job, yay for good knitting days :)

Anonymous said...

Your boys are so cute!

I am checking the dates..the Yarn Harlot sounds like she should not be missed.

Gabrielle said...

That sounds like such a fun day, and great that you could make it with the boys in tow. 'good on you' for giving it a go! I wonder if the Yarn Harlot ever does a world tour?
Those cable vests are amazing - I love the crossing over woven cables, I'd love to try them one day.
Mason's 'bitter beer' face just cracks me up - it's hilarious. Thomas has developed a fetish for lemon slices - he made just that kind of face when he first tried one, but then kept going back for more - and made the face again and on it went - I wish we'd had a video camera. And how clever is Owen holding the bottle himself even if it is just for a moment. Thomas still won't do that. I think he secretly likes being cuddled up when he feeds, but it would be very handy.

Katie said...

Good morning! I'm so glad you made it to see the Yarn Harlot, I haven't seen her talk, but I'm always reading such great reviews.

I am settling back into my Boston life, but I'm seriously missing the west coast! I'm sure I'll be out there again for some quick trips and longer stays (my sweety's teaching at Berkeley for the next three years)! In the meantime I'm knitting up some sweaters for the upcoming Boston winter:-).

Have a great weekend!