Thursday, October 25, 2007


Thirty two things I will do, if not in the next 32 months, then at least within my next 32 years.

1. Make the Easy Lap Quilt from Angry Chicken's book using my Heather Ross fabric swatch.
2. Lose the 10 pounds I gained post-partum. Yep, gained.
3. Do at least one headstand a day to receive the benefits of yogic inversions.
4. Travel with the boys to the place where we made them. Canada, that is, eh?
5. Snowboard on a fresh powder day on the slopes of Mammoth.
6. Take very deep breathes when needing to renew my spirits.
7. Reinstate long daily walks with the boys.
8. Bring my reusable grocery bags to the store at least 95% of the time, and if I do not, insist on carrying items out without bags.
9. Help out another mama-of-multiples the way so many other mamas have helped me.
10. Use some yarn stash for unique and simple gifts for family/friends.
11. Stop thinking I can do it all, stop trying to justify not being able to.
12. Get a real haircut.
13. Eat more green food, try to get fresh juices into my daily regimen.
14. Assist Tim in making matching furniture for our bedroom.
15. Knit this sweater despite the fact that I live in a climate that will afford little wear.
16. Move to a climate where I can wear it (maybe). (The move, I mean).
17. Buy pants that fit correctly and get them tailored to the correct length if they do not.
18. Learn how to properly use my mother's sewing machine.
19. Clean the floors of the house more often.
20. Write to my friends in NY and Ireland.
21. Start and finish reading a book.
22. Retain some information from said book after the completion of reading.
23. Go to Church to renew that feeling I once had as a child... that feeling of awe.
24. Visit my Opa in Holland with my husband and children.
25. Let go of wrecked nap times when they occur.
26. Send my parents on an all-expenses paid weekend away...or at least pay for their gas when they drive to see my other siblings.
27. Shoot the boys in a studio setting with black and white real film.
29. Stop watching inane TV.
30. Maybe just stop watching TV altogether. Except Pushing Daisies and The Office.
31. Raise beautiful baby boys.
32. Kiss my love every single day and thank the Source for my life as it is and as it can be.

Not too daunting, not to impossible...let us see how it goes, eh?

(I was supposed to be a Halloween baby but I just could not wait the extra 6 days. I am still kicking myself.)


gleek said...


i gained 10 pounds post-pardum too. all that lack of energy due to sleep deprivation led to a heck of a sweet tooth. i wish i could stop but i can't! maybe when i get more regular sleep?

Lola and Ava said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I had thought of doing this for my birthday; maybe for a rainy day I'll get it up there. The Office convention is being held in Scranton today with the whole cast (minus Steve Carrell). If Dave weren't leaving for L.A. we probably would have gone.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. love you.

Katie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! 32 times and many more:)