Monday, December 17, 2007

A Little Quickie

The white elephant party was a wonderful success with fun and friends had all around. It was a great night out for this Mama, I realized that September was my last outing with our friends and I realized that is waaay too long. Anyway, I did get a little nervous during the gift exchange as I thought of my gift and the reception it would have. Of course, a guy pulled the bag out and as I turned bright red, he opened it, turned it around a few times, realized what it was and laughed his ass off.
He promised me it was going to hang off the rear view mirror of his car. Sweet.
The womb garnered a bit of attention.

There was a weird theme prevailing that night as evidenced by the next photo.
I will not show what Tim's best friend made out of scrap wood at the shop, sufficed to say it completes my gift. Ahem. The booze shots are included because I love those boys, their smiles always make my night.

All I can say is Thank God for good friends, great food and Guinness. These things redeem me from dismally difficult days of teething babies and low grade fevers...they actually make me feel as if those days are really not that bad.

I included a few shots of my ladies.
The ones I do not see nearly enough, but somehow are always there when needed. We have all promised ourselves a day out at a winery, sooner than later. A really important reminder to me that I need these times, even if they are just for a few hours, to reconnect and recharge.

Here is hoping your holiday celebrations do just that for you. Smiles to all.


Bea said...

Yay for nights out! That's so great you got to have some fun, it looks like you've got a super fun group of people! And you are right, a little Guinness makes it SO much better. Happy Holidays to all you guys :)

Anonymous said...

OMG- so funny (thanks for the follow-up)! I'm glad you had such a nice night out, too. Happy Holidays!

Annie said...

That holiday party looks HILARIOUS! Good times!

Gabrielle said...

What a fabulous party - just love the knitted uterus - it reminds me of those ante natal classes!
Hope you and your family have a fabulous christmas, and all the best for the new year.

Rae said...

I've see these before and I can't believe you made one! Wow.