Friday, December 14, 2007

Well, it has been too long since I posted. I have not been prolific in this spot of late due to the usual; babies, holidays, reading other people's writing...all those things. Thanks to any who come by to check out the site, I want to be regular in my posting and I do regularly think of things I would like to write and show, but life has a way of sidetracking me away from the actualization of these posts.

I did not give up on the Christmas knitting and feel as if I have accomplished a great feat by churning out a plethora of hand knit handwarmers,

Handwarmers with patterns from LMKG and Weekend Knits.

a few beanies and one very cute felted purse.

Pattern: Booga Bag, thanks Sereknitty for the suggestion.

All from stash yarn. That felt good. The handwarmers are all going to my family of wonderful in-laws...people that I do not get to see enough of. We did have a great visit from the family where cousins met cousins for the first time (our boys and my husband's awesome nephews). Kyle with Mason in the Baby Bjorn.

Seeing them together and watching how my baby boys went to their Aunt Libby without blinking an eye, and more importantly, stayed with their Aunt Libby, well, it made me wish the distance between La Verne and Portland could be eliminated, or at least reduced.

So, the knitting has been keeping me from posting, the babies, and sometimes, the not really feeling like I have anything to report. This holiday, the first of many to come with children, well, I am finding it the hardest. Not in a bad, oh-I-wish-it-were-not-Xmas way...more a wish-I-had-more-time way. I am glad on their first Christmas they do not really get it because there is little time to put towards establishing the holiday. The tree is up, but undecorated. The stockings are piled somewhere. The lights are strung and I love to see them but rarely do as we slump exhausted in bed most nights, a bit dulled eyed from fatigue and feeling like we should do more, but cannot.

Life with twins is such a challenge and such a blessing. As time is moving forward, I am seeing more of the picture of my days, it alternately delights and frightens me. Both boys are mobile, both are standing...they have the bruises to show for it too. I feel like padding every inch of our house to prevent injury, but I know something else would come up. Their accomplishments are awesome, they are so inquistive and determined in their own ways. But they are definitely boys and turning out to be a bit ornery too. Like during nap time, or at least, what we try to make nap time. They are full of life and the desire to explore it, it keeps us running from sun up to sun down....and even a little more than that, of course.

I can say I am so very happy to have little bits of time to do the knitting I have, although it never feels enough. There are so many other pieces and projects I would love to cast on, but for now I will end with a cute little number I have wanted to knot since I saw it featured on Knitty. We are attending a white elephant gift exchange tonight and it was the perfect excuse to get this little knit going. I know someone is going to be really surprised (and a little disgusted maybe if of the male gender) to get this. I love it and I think I might have to make another for my pregnant is simple and took two hours tops. Nice.

Now, back to the drawing board to see what else can be whipped out in the next 10 days. 10 days? Where did 2007 go? I'll leave you with the Beans' first visit with Santa. I was pleased that there was one smile, and Owen is excused from smling dur to teething/first cold. And yep, I knit their sweaters and made their elf shoes. Ah, the life of a Craft obsessed Mama of twins.


Anonymous said...

Oh how CUTE... Owen looks as if he's thinking 'what's all the fuss with this big red man about anyways?'

Good to hear from you... I was starting to wonder if something had happened. Nice to hear that both boys are mobile and that they're standing :) now the have a whole new level of world to explore :)

Cheers Eva

gleek said...

what a cute santa photo! your boys are getting so big.. and they're both standing now! how time flies.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the knitted uterus featuring falopian tubes. A masterpiece! I am sure it will bring the recipient years of decorative glory and arousing conversation. My birthday is in January...hint-hint. I could use a little knitted mojo for my bedside table. Just sayin'.

Bea said...

It's so great to see you knitting! See how productive you can be if you don't blog for a while?!! And you with twins too! I love all your FO's but I have to say, the picture of O and M with Santa MADE MY DAY. It is so priceless, he looks zonked out on cold meds, and Mason's smile is so precious! Keep up the good work, I know this time is wonderful and hard at the same time, with the exploring of new motor skills, etc.., hang in there!

Sereknitty said...

Glad the booga bag pattern worked for you! I've made so many, I've lost count, but all were very gratefully received!

That Santa photo is adorable with the boys in their gorgeous vests ... nice job!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your holiday knitting! (How did the gift exchange gift go over??) The boys look adorable in their sweaters and shoes!

J + T Silverman said...

oh my...i think that is the cutest babies w/ santa picture EVER! you got an out-loud giggle from me just by looking at your adorable elf shoes. so great! i can truly empathize with you on the precocious-full-of-spirit boys front. it is truly the most amazing and most exhausting thing ever.