Wednesday, March 26, 2008

30 Days :: One

30 Days :: One

Sewing is like a fever. The knitting needles were silent for a few days as I explored a new obsession. I love the process: neat stitches (well, not so neat), playing with colors, french knots, binding. What better way to kick off this 30 day attempt than showing the results of my first quilting attempt. BTW : This is part of the boys' firsts presents. I am getting a little out of control with it right about now.

I started today because it is 30 days until their birthday. SO many other Mamas out there have already welcomed it for their little ones. It is crazy to think the next 30 days are marking the time until birthday. Wow.


gleek said...

very nice! i love the colors! sewing is definitely like a disease. i wish i had space to do it in.

Bea said...

Awesome awesome! I too have discovered the awesomeness of the sewing machine, and I'm starting to accumulate a fabric stash, a quilting store is a very dangerous place for me right now, actually, it's great for me, dangerous for my pocketbook! I love the quilt, and the colors you chose!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I'll never be a quilter or even a sew-er. I'm way too blah about such details as corners meeting and seams being straight. I applaud anyone who can. I can't wait to see how it goes!

kosenrufu mama said...

what wonderful pictures!!!!