Friday, March 07, 2008

Getting It

I have been lamenting my lack of laptop due to it being in the shop. Then I realize that there are 6 other laptops in this house. Any of which I can temporarily use to upload and blog some of the pictures I took up North, pre-camera incident.
look, more sand!
There were some really lovely days, now that I have had time to reflect on our trip, I realize that each experience was something new for them and myself. The walk through the Redwoods where the light is ethereal and green,
omi and owen
filtering down perfectly and haloing us in a lovely way.
up high

Especially the halo of errant curls that seem to spring eternal around my hairline of late.
waaay too slow....
Then the day we spent with Tanta Mem, playing in her rocking chair, all over the rocking chair, under and in....
who are these kids?
they seemed to be posing in this particular photo and were cracking me up with their faces, little boy faces. Growing so fast, too fast.

My lovely sister was crowned at her baby shower/blessing way and I felt her Mama presence grow with each minute as her circle of women blessed and prayed and bestowed their wishes and hopes for her little girl and her impending role as Mother.
It was hectic and beautiful and she was the calm serene one throughout. Such a lovely woman, my sister. I managed to finish this little ditty for her and have it ready on the day...
miss may
I love how it came together with the little green ribbon. I did not know prior that her nursery was of a green toned theme, but that is sisters for you. Always connected.

There are many more photos but I will leave you with my new crrent obsession. I love these socks and finished this pair for Tim prior to our trip,
camo rules
wanted to leave him with a little something special. I am currently on my third pair in a lovely blue Koigu....this pattern is so highly addictive because of its simplicity and ability to let the yarn shine. I mean, T's was just a Regia sock yarn in Camo....but they look so great (if I do say so myself). So, knitting goes on here. Other projects are on the needles, but I will have to wait to photo them as the camera lens is being repaired (yay!) courtesy of Canon. Gotta love that company.

By the way: I am trying to use Flickr for uploading photos to my blog, thanks to the tutorial from the very adept Gleek. I like it but the photos are pretty large. Hey, Steph, any tips on how to center photos in the text? I will play around a bit to figure out what I can.


gleek said...

i was just about to say that i LOVE the photos all larger like this! it really showcases your lovely images and children.

you can center the images by putting a <div align="center"></div> tag around the code that flickr gives you. you can make it align="right" too if you like.

Lola and Ava said...

Those two just get cuter every single day (and the moms look lovely as well). Glad you had fun and best of luck to your sister . . . I think she'll do just fine with all the well wishes!

skhpottery said...

Gotta love that post baby hair style. If all the hair that's an inch long falling on my forehead grows out to any length, I'll have more than ever before. Yeah, I know the chances of that.
Very cute sweater, I know you loved knitting something girly.

Dawn said...

Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one of your mom (I'm guessing?) with one of the boys on her back. Just perfect.