Monday, March 10, 2008


I have totally fallen for a new blog. I love reading this blog because it is so relevant to my current life, being a Mama of Multiples. I love the fact that there are a plethora of women contributing to the writing (no men, yet) and they all are going through some form of my life right now. I know first time motherhood can be a trip, but to do it with two sometimes feels so isolating and it helps to have somewhere to go where 'everybody knows your name' so to speak.
try to get me

There are great recommendations, hilarious discussions on 'twin skin' (you do not want to know), and posts that illustrate all the frustrations and rewards of parenting two at a time. I do not often write here of our day to day world, it is too much to try to fit in, and though I love it, sometimes I do not want to share the harder aspects, the times I fall apart, the things I think when the going is rough. I do not know if I even will want to recall this stuff down the line. But when I read that blog, well, I know we all have the same experiences. Our children may not be the same and I know we all parent differently, but in the world of multiples there are some constants that I am realizing most of these Mamas employ.
down low

I hope that if there are any other MOMs reading, or even interested 'other folks' you will check it out. It may not be as interesting to you as it is to me, but you may learn a few, do not ask a Mama if her babies are identical if they are a boy and a girl. And it really is none of your business how we got twins and how they came into the world. But you know what....sometimes I do not mind because I know it is special to have twins, special and lucky and precious. I do not know what it is like to be a parent of a singleton or a parent of more than one at different ages. But I am daily heartened and happy to know I am so far from alone in this multiples thing.
dragon hoodie

Wishing all parents, of one or many, a really great day with your blessings, however they have come to you.

The picture of Mace in the almost finished Hoodie is a soon to be One year old's present (the other in being manufactured right now). Wish me luck as it entails zipper sewing and lots of seaming to complete Hoodie Deux. And Canon is fixing the lens as we speak so I will likely try the 30 days picture project in April. What better way to commemorate their 12th month than with endless pictures of my beautiful Beans and maybe a few self portraits and quite possibly a few shots of subject matter other than babies and knitting. What do you think?


gleek said...

raising multiples definitely looks hard and very rewarding all at the same time! i definitely commend all the mamas and the papas out there that do it!

good luck with the hoodie. i know you can do it!

Bea said...

Those pictures of O and M in the woods are SO beautiful, I'm antsy for you to get your camera back so I can see some more awesome pictures! I especially love how in the picture of Mason, you can see O's little heiny, it's so cute! Love the little jacket, you are an awesome mamma and I can't wait to see the next one!

And thanks for the sweet words on the Tangled Yoke, and most of all on Robby, he's my most awesome FO to date!

jennifer said...

that's so great, amiee - thanks for the link, i will go check it out! and all those questions, i know i know i know. have fun with your lovies!!!

Pixiepurls said...

i love the photo by the tree, he's dressed like a little rock star. lol

Nonnahs said...

What a great blog- I'm gonna tell my sis about it! PS: I can't wait to see the finished hoodies- they look so cute already!

HEJ said...

They are gorgeous babies!

WHAT IS IT that makes normal smart people ask if boy/girl twins are identical??? I have DONE THIS and it's by far the stupidest thing I have ever said. And I have said a lot of stupid things. ;-)

I don't know how you do it. Truly. I can't handle the one HEB.

halfmama said...

I owe you BIG APOLOGIES for not coming over sooner after you kindly left a comment on my blog. I swear I'm not a snob... I'm seriously just brainless lately and... well, to quote the blogger from your link, I'm throwing out my Twin Card right about now.

Thanks for visiting! Your two are adorable. Of course, I AM partial to twins. :)

I'll be back.

Amanda P said...

I am a fraternal twin (boy/girl) and it amazes me when people ask if we are identical. I just say that we couldn't be identical because he has something that I don't have, and let them guess what it is. I found your blog through Childsplayx2. I don't have kids, but I am a twin, so I am fascinated by blogs about multiples. Your boys are so handsome! Keep up the writing, and the photos - they're gorgeous!