Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hanging In There

Back in balmy L.A. with both boys napping peacefully, relieved to be back in their comfy cribs. It was such a trip, 700 miles, two houses, tons of time with my amazing sisters, and the realization that I am truly blessed with the most amazing partner, my husband. 7 days without him with the twins almost broke me, the seamless way we work together to care for our children was glaringly absent, and though my family stepped up to the plate and were awesome, the boys were at the end of their rope by Monday. We made the 12 hour drive in 11 because we had to, I had to be here. And all is totally fine.

It was worth it because I had precious time with sisters who live altogether too far away, (Ahem, if you are reading...Come home soon.). I needed to know what their physical space looks like in order to really feel connected to their daily lives and stories so I have that now. I have seen my soon-to-be niece's room, the crib (lovingly hand built by her paternal grandpa), I have had the experience of rubbing my hands on my sister's round live belly, I have met my other sister's amazing partner....all is right with our world. Except I know I will never leave home without Tim again.

If he were there he would have saved the camera. You know, the brand new one. But it was camera or Mason being crushed by a very large and beautiful African drum. Choices. It shall be right, I am hoping Canon will have mercy on us. It is being sent off today...they say 7 days. I feel bereft already. I do not know if I can go back to my Elph. It makes me feel icky. But that is moot point as my personal laptop is with HP as they try to figure out why it will not listen. When technical difficulty rains in this house, it pours. SO, no pictures today, maybe not for a bit. I have some spectacular shots of the Redwoods, the belly, the beauties. It hurts to not be able to post them. Stick around, folks. I will get them up someday.


Dawn said...

I learned the same lesson last year when I went on my family's vacation without Brad. I realized just how seamless our interaction and coparenting is and how utterly miserable I am without him. It's good to have such great husband's, isn't it?

gleek said...

man, you sound tired!! i hate it when my husband goes out of town for work. it's hard doing this without a partner! i have lots of respect for single parents :)

Bea said...

I totally know how you feel! I'm glad you guys are back home safe and sound with the hubby, it's so hard to be away from our men isn't it? I'm glad Mason was rescued from the large drum, we've had some close calls at our house, such is the dilemna with mobile babies :) I hope your camera comes back good as new!