Sunday, March 02, 2008

Made It

Just a quick pictureless post to say we made the 12 hour car ride, we partied at the baby shower, we are heading out to a beautiful beach today and then we will tackle the car ride home tomorrow. My boys are champs but they are missing home and Daddy, as am I. it is good to know we can travel with the boys but me thinks it will not happen without Papa again, he is so sad at home alone and we are too. Some stories to come, but until my laptop is fixed (darn hP) I will be somewhat lacking in pictures. That and I had an incident with new camera...hope for the best...we will see if we can get it back in shape.

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skhpottery said...

Tried to reply to your comment, but realized that I don't have a return address for you. Congratulations on such a long ride. We spent most of the day in the car as well wish he would nap!
I can't believe your boys are walking, must be the competition :)