Friday, March 21, 2008

We Eat

Things my almost 11 month old twins ate this week:

1. Chicken Mole burrito from Los Golondrinos.
2. Bagel with Lox (Mason only, Owen thinks fish is gross).
3. Noodles and Spinach with Alfredo Sauce (with immense gusto, I might add).
4. Mighty Bites from Kashi, a great alternative to Cheerios when they are all burnt out on the O's.
5. Pears, pears, and more pears (freshly cut, so much easier).
6. A wad of dog hair (Mason again).
7. Scrambled eggs.
8. Milk. So very nice to wean from formula. (BTW: Trader Joe's has great prices on organic milk, much better than other places I have shopped.)
9. My shoulder, their new favorite teething zone.
10. Lots of Hyland teething tablets (because sometimes I think there is no god).

I love these boys. And if you have a chance to swing by Los Golondrinos and get your own Chicken Mole burrito, you should. Then you will know what good taste my boys have in Mexican food. Ah, the perks of living in Southern California.

I received a lovely automated message from HP today telling me I will not be seeing my laptop until April 4th. Those bastards. Might put a kink in the 30 days plan. Bugger.


Katie said...

Thanks for the tip on Mighty Bites - we'll have to try those. I feel your pain on the teething thing- the only thing that has worked for us with Matt is the Raz-berry Teether (a pacifier style teether)... he won't take a pacifier but he loves to chew on the Raz-Berry.

Anonymous said...

I second the Raz-berry teether. We have two of them and they are in constant use.

Teething is also our bane. I can't wait for all those teeth to get in!

Rae said...

Sounds like Mason is not picky at all! Lox and dog hair- wow. I love Lox, he's got gourmet tastes!

Sereknitty said...

Oh, our grand is teething as well. Thanks for the tip on the Raz-berry ... I'll have to look for that. I love finding healthier food alternatives, so thanks for the Kashi suggestion. I eat the cereal myself, but didn't know they had one for kids.

t + j said...

oh, enjoy the culinary fun while it lasts! i thought i was just so lucky when my guys would eat sag paneer and lamb kafta and then they turned one. and now it's the oh-so-exciting diet of kashi waffles (a god-send), o's, teddy puffs, tortillas, and fruit, and occasionally some cheese. they won't even eat mac and cheese anymore - whose children are these, anyways?!