Tuesday, April 08, 2008

30 Days :: Fourteen

30 Days :: Fourteen

I played around a bit with the photos since I am back to using our p&S. Picasa has a few fun tricks that mix things up. The boys used their new quilt today as it was a bit chilly during our evening walk. They are funny little chaps, initially they ran their fingers on the outlines of the monkeys, then they just wanted to throw it (and everything else) out of the stroller. Ah, the appreciation shown by our little ones for all of our hard hand efforts.

I am on a monkey binge right now. I found this fabric a long time ago when shopping at Michael Levine's with my sisters, now I know it is Moda and can be found all over the internet. So, I found some and clicked happily away today. There was a sale over at Fat Quarter and the flannel charm packs called to me. Lately, Macie has been really into snuggling items and I think a flannel blankie might be in order for each of the boys. And it gives me a bit more sewing to put on the list.

The nice thing is my boys seem to be as obsessed as I am over monkeys. Back in March when we went on our trip sans Daddy, we were over at my sister's in her soon to be daughter's room. There was a very familair stuffed monkey on the crib which Macie spotted immediately. We call ours Mr. BoJangles here at home. Well, he literally freaked out over it, was squealing like a pig and rolling around with it and would not let it go. It made my heart warm to see his attachment as it is the favorite toy of his Daddy's too. Just a barrel of monkeys, that is what we are.

Um, a little confession. Initially I hand quilted around the monkeys and then just stitched in the ditch between the squares with the machine. But then I wanted more quilting so now I am quilting around all the little peroxide bottles, one by one. Because I am crazy. But I like it. And I figure I will get them done when they are done.


gleek said...

ah! i love the quilt! it's so perfect for your little boys. great job!

Sereknitty said...

Beautiful photography! I love the combination of black/white with the colour of the quilt, which btw, is beyond adorable. What a talented soul you are! Nice work!

Mona said...

Beautiful quilt for the precious boys! They have such a look of contentment on their face. Give them a big hug and kiss for me!