Friday, April 04, 2008

30 Days :: Ten

30 Days :: Ten

It was a toss up today between posting the Baby or the Bib. I had a chance to sew up a really quick bib and loved the outcome. But then we pulled out the bubbles for a bit of pre-dinner fun and I had to use this because he fell prostrate to the floor in glee just after the click of the shutter. Mason loves bubbles. Owen likes them, but really just wants to make them himself. Mason will stretch and run to them, attempt to catch them and watch as they burst lightly when they touch the ground.

We should never forget the joy that these delicate orbs can deliver. Whether you have a child or not, I suggest you find a bottle of your own and create a bit of magic in your day. If you have a moment click through to the rest of the FLickr photos, and you can watch the babies discovering their magic in the evening light.

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow holds strawberry picking, and most likely some very interesting photo opportunities.

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