Saturday, April 05, 2008

30 Days :: Eleven

30 Days :: Eleven

I have a dilemma. Today was a rough day in many ways. Strawberry picking just did not pan out well, the MOM club was leaving as we arrived, the pairs there were over 2 years and the weather was overcast and gloomy. Then the kicker; when trying to salvage the outing with a photo or two we discovered the lens is on the ability to focus at all. Crushing. Especially as I have been really into the camera since starting the 30 days.

So now I have to make a choice, use the old P&S or abandon all hope. I know, it is not that big of a deal, but in some ways it is. So hard to go back to the limitations of our other digital, so disappointing when I was finding my groove in this. I will send the lens off Monday (again) and hope for it to return before the actual birthday of the boys....and try to capture what I can with what we have got.

Cheated a bit and posted a picture that I took a few days ago, but could have taken if our camera was working. I walk by this home (can you call it a home?) on our daily walks. It fascinates me, like a piece of Old Hollywood transported to our suburban town. Perched behind gates, gleaming in the sun in the late raises the question in me...What would you do?

Right now what I am going to do is grab a glass of wine and pray for a better day (and night). Until Sunday, my friends.

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Gabrielle said...

It has been great to catch up with all your recent activities, what a shame that the strawberry picking wasn't such a good outing, I guess timing and the weather can make all the difference. Can't believe your boys are nearly one! Hope your camera woes get sorted out soon. I am pining for an SLR camera.Our little point and shoot is fine, but I'm frustrated with the set depth of field, the backgrounds are always in clear focus, and I'd love to be able to take some more atmospheric portrait shots and blur away all the clutter in our house!