Tuesday, April 22, 2008

30 Days :: Twenty-eight

30 Days :: Twenty-eight

This is Tim in baby jail. Put there to give him time to decipher the cryptic instructions included with all items purchased at Ikea. Not helping was his head cold from which he should have been recuperating. Instead, on his sick day I place my husband in baby jail while I attempt to rearrange the whole baby area. It was a bit chaotic, but he did it. You know why? Because he is the superman of all Daddies.

He is my hero. Every moment of every day, through this walk of parenting, through the lovelies and the breakdowns and the sleeplessness and the juggling and the cuddles and the explosive 2 a.m. poop that almost hit the wall (remember that one, honey?). So, this day is my tribute to the one that walks everyday with me, not just the 30. Love you, MCD.

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Amanda said...

I am a twin, too (fraternal brother) and we had a baby jail exactly like that 29 years ago! Love your site, love your pictures!