Wednesday, April 23, 2008

30 Days :: Twenty-nine

30 Days :: Twenty-nine

I have entitled this picture "I got your back". Here's the "No, I got your back". Because as brothers and twins I am anticipating this will come to be. I stitched up these cuties and put them up high, they have sat in wait for their two little boys to come along and give them love. Now tomorrow is the day they get to meet their boys. I think they are very excited.

Here is how I see the initial meet up going ;
Mason : Squeal. (Spaceboy in mouth). (Fingers on French knots). (Run to get Owen's).
Owen : Baa Baa Baa. (This is his new incessant sound). (Ignores Spaceboy). Mom (yep, he calls me Mom, not always but when he gets mad). (Runs after Mace to get his Sapceboy).

But I just know someday they will love on them good.

The joy I found in creating with my boys in mind was so immense. These little Spaceboys are what started my new love of all things sewn. I love them. Not as much as I love them, but I do love them.

Wee Wonderfuls
is the place to get your pattern if you have a special little person wishing for a companion to take with them on their journeys afar.

Not even sure what to do about tomorrow's picture.


Dawn said...

I am enjoying your pictures and creativity so much! I had a mom who made me lots of neat things as a kid and they are still remembered and loved to this day, so I know yours will do the same.

gleek said...

so cute! i love them! i know the boys will too.

Knitterista said...

those dolls are adorable!