Monday, April 21, 2008

30 Days :: Twenty-seven

the eyes have it

Sleep has been elusive for this little guy. He teethes so hard, gets so uncomfortable, easily worked up, hard to go down. Unlike his brother who can fall asleep anywhere but just cannot stay that way. I have mentioned before that if you combined my two children they would make perfect sleepers (or horrible ones, hmmm, never thought of it that way). I can see the offender, residing next to the bottom two, bruised and swollen and unwilling to give his owner a break. Anyway, he loves his morning nap and I often have to wake him up. He spends a few minutes rolling around, cuddling his blankie, stretching luxuriously and letting the sleep fall off of him until he is ready to get out.

Not O, he wakes and is full on, ready to get out NOW, and if you do not comply he starts the "I can climb the crib corner" thing that scares the s*it out of me because he is way too young to be pulling those shenanigans. Again, such individuals, such contrasts and highlights and shadows. Always together and always so different.

I have intentions to do a post on what the (almost) 30 days have taught me but I have to write one of those lessons now. Taking photos everyday is a challenge, almost like homework for this fairly undisciplined Mama. But due to this project I have a new and precious knowledge....if you look for beauty, you will find it. Everywhere. Everyday.


gleek said...

what beautiful eyes he has :)

Katie said...

Love the photo and I feel for the teething thing - M is the same way. Have you tried a Raz Berry teether for him? Like a pacifier but shaped and bumpy like a raspberry. It seemed gimmicky to me but it helped, so....