Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thirtieth Day :: Happy Birthday Boys!!!

So tired. So here are more than one photo to show Day 30, their day, the day our twins came into our world, our life, our hearts and brought their unique form of joy and zest for life.

Birth day One

In honor of my first post about the boys...

Diapers changed : 4000

Bottles made : 3500

Laundry loads done : 500

Sleepless nights : Uncounted

Getting hugs and kisses, cuddles from sticky faces, baby vomit on every part of our lives, watching people become, receiving unconditional love, thriving not just surviving their first year : Priceless.

Thank you babies for being you. Thank you family for being part of this. Thank you blogging friends for every comment left, every time you read, every bit of support.

We look forward to the next year, all of us.

I think I will take a little break from this as it has been a challenge to post for 30 days in a row. But I will be back, hopefully with more to share in more ways than one.

Oh, and the lens malfunctioned (again). So, ugh. Back to Canon.


Anonymous said...

Amen to the pricelessness!!!!! Happy 1st Birthday to Owen and Mason.

Sereknitty said...

What a lovely collection you've created over the past 30 days ... the pictures have been absolutely stunning. Happy Birthday, boys!

sweetpea16 said...

A year already... I can't believe it!!! They become cuter by the day :)

Cheers Eva

ashidome said...

I hope they had the happiest of birthdays EVER!

gleek said...

happy happy birthday lovely boys! they are so sweet in those pics :)

Gabrielle said...

It has been lovely following your wonderful accounts of the first year with your gorgeous boys- Happy Birthday Mason and Owen!

Lola and Ava said...

Happy birthday, Mason and Owen! You've successfully kept your mamma and daddy on their toes for 365 days now. They don't know it yet, but that was all prep work for this year!

I've loved the 30 days leading up to this post . . . great photos and a wonderful tribute to the boys! Here's to many more "30 days" posts.

t + j said...

happy, happy, happy birthdays, boys! and congratulations and serious snaps to mama and daddy!

Nonnahs said...

Oh yay- Happy 1st Birthday to the little guys!

Carrie & Brook said...

Happy Birthday! (a little bit late--sorry!). I've enjoyed the 30days.

Congrats to mom and dad for making it through the first year!

Whoop, whoop!