Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Check ...1 2...

Been thinking so much about writing, about changing my blog, about getting really into writing things that I think in my head....and then, time, time gets in the way. Not enough time. I have been really occupied with all the other stuff, part of me is okay with that.

The 30 Days was great but burned me out a little bit. The malfunction of our lens (which is on its way back home) took the proverbial wind out of my photographic sails. The sickies that hit the boys later in the season and their inevitable switch from two daily naps to one (which is proving to be quite a difficult time for all involved) has kept my attention and brought a different type of exhaustion, not as bad as the early days but not super fun.

I love blogging and, it seems, more so reading others blogs and imagining that I could someday keep my posting up to speed like some of my favorites. But that just has not happened in the time I have been writing, even before babies. So, where is all this going?

I think I want to continue writing, style myself a little bit like Tracey over at Silverbabies with short and fun updates about the boys, a little bit after the mamas over at HDYDI with a few posts here and there about how I have tackled the challenges of twin parenting, a little bit like my favorite crafters who keep wonderful photo journals of their projects. But those are all thoughts, not yet come to fruition.

I will continue thinking on this, maybe give myself some structure with a day of the week assigned to a particular something. Maybe restyle my pages to please my eye a bit more. Maybe get a little more into some of the Flickr and Ravelry groups.

Maybe not, time might not agree with all these thoughts. Maybe I will just have to see.

I have decided to change the monthly updates about the boys to, um, whenever I can get them in updates. I loved writing about their first year, but they are changing so rapidly, becoming people so quickly that I am thinking about doing a letter to them every 3-4 months or so.

Don't worry, Gramma Mona, there will still be plenty of pictures. I promise that.


Katie said...

Hello!! I keep meaning to pop over and say hi, and then I get carried away again with end-of-semester craziness.

I was excited to see your sewing project, I really want to try some bags for knitting projects next - I was thinking of doing the box bag, and also the simple drawstring bag on yarnmonster's site.

As for the tags on posts - when you're typing a new post, there should be another box under the main text box that says "labels for this post". You can type as many labels as you want in that box, and then they'll automatically show up in your sidebar.

Unfortunately I won't be in CA much this summer - we're going to spend most of this summer in Boston, but we hope to do one quick Yosemite camping trip in early June!

And of course, a belated happy birthday to the boys!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I like the new colors, easier on the eyes than the light on dark.
Good luck with the nap transition, we've finally had a breakthrough on the scream for 20 minutes/sleep for 20 minutes routine we'd had for the last few months.

Sereknitty said...

Wow, I thought I'd clicked on the wrong link there for a minute! While I loved the black theme, I applaud your choice of the green. Very lovely!

ashidome said...

Write when you can. Your words and feelings and expressions and photos are truly glorious.

As a mom of twins who hasn't actually blogged about her knitting (or crocheting) in too long awhile, I understand.

But I love reading your takes on life and comparing them to mine and love seeing the craftiness goodness love that you shower on your boys.

Gabrielle said...

I've always been in awe of your beautiful writing and the depth and thought that goes into your posts about the boys, but it must be such an effort keeping that up every month. I know I'll love catching up with your blog whatever you decide to do with it. I remember really missing the second nap when it ended, but luckily it has been replaced with a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day, which is a good time to get things done.

LauraC said...

Ah the existential blogging crisis that hits all bloggers... I often think to myself my blog is too much about my mommy life and about nothing else, but that's what it's for. I'm in a blog slump this week myself!