Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday : Recap on the boys

Yesterday we went to a great park, one that has a pretty big playground. Not truly appropriate for toddlers but cool nonetheless. I though I would see if Owen's amazing gripping ability would pan out on the monkey bars. The kid held on for ten seconds. My child is officially stronger than me at the age of twelve months, two weeks. Ha. He is unbelievably strong, I promise I will get a shot of it when the lens returns.

Mason has taken to stacking blocks 4 or 5 high. He calls his blocks "Buddy" and every time he places one he screams "buddy" and dances backward. We have video but Flickr video hates us. Um, now Flickr likes us so click to see video of the cutest Buddy ever.

We also were gifted a lot of outdoor toys and both boys get huge kicks out of being pushed on the tricycle and pushing each other on their new fire engine thing. The toy cracks me up, it has little buttons that tell the boys, "Look both ways when crossing the street," or "Call 911 if you need help". Never too early to prepare your children for the rigors of our modern world. Ah, innocence.

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gleek said...

cutest. video. ever.