Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Craft Tuesday : A Reflection

Months before the boys came I was always on this blog, dedicated to Mamas and their knitties. I loved communicating with others there, but it has been awhile since I checked in...mainly because my knitting has come to be the bare minimum and I have too little to share.

I thought it would be good to review a project that I knit before the boys came and posted about there. The pattern is theDaisy cardigan found over at Knitty.

I chose this pattern because I love hoodies, but I just realized when I went back to link to the pattern that it has the esteemed Yarn Harlot as it's designer. I knit 2, one for each, in a substituted yarn. I chose to knit with Classic Elite Premiere in a light blue and a nice green.

So, now, over a year later, with both pieces having seen a lot of use and abuse, I am happy to give both yarn and design a big thumbs up.
Back detail

The pattern was fun, lots of seaming, but small enough to not overwhelm. The construction is that of knitting fronts and backs and sleeves, which I am not overly fond of, but it did not bother me because this yarn is a real pleasure to work with. It is not terribly hard on the fingers despite the cotton content and the sheen is lovely. And it has proven to be the perfect yarn for baby knits, long wearing, little staining and not too much pilling.
'Daisy' cardigan

I have washed both of these so many times and they emerge from the dryer rumpled but wearable.

I never quite got around to any of the suggested embellishments, I wanted to embroider some cute felt animals onto the front lapels (ah, to dream, combining knitting and embroidery, to have the time). The sweaters are plain as is, but I think my boys dress them up nicely. One thing I would recommend is to sew in a light zipper or add afterthought button loops because unless the boys are stationery in stroller or backpack, these sweaters rarely stay on. I have resorted to safety pins on fronts.
'Daisy' cardigan

I am such a lazy knitter.

Taking these photos today made me realize they actually have a lot of room left in them, I say they will likely use them until Fall. The sleeves are long but can be turned up or sucked on by teething mouths, the hoods fit perfectly.
Sleeve detail

I think they have been wearing them since 6 months or so, but I cannot remember what size I chose to knit. Overall, I highly recommend both yarn and pattern for anyone looking to make a useful handknit for yours or to gift.

Now, onto a new project. I finally decided to try my hand at the simple Log Cabin blanket as described in the Mason Dixon book. I know, waaaaaay after the craze, that seems to be my trend, wait until it is no longer trendy.
Log cabin blanket

I am using stash acrylic yarn because I want to get rid of it and I have another crochet afghan in the same yarn that has lasted years. It actually has a fairly pleasant hand and the garter stitch cannot be beat. And I cast on for this just in time to welcome 100 degree temps predicted for this weekend. Again, my timing is impeccable.

And last, this delicious stuff was a wholly unexpected and hugely appreciated gift from a lovely friend.
Handspun from SA

She is from South Africa and recently returned from a month visit to her family's farm...her family's sheep farm...here her Mama raises Merinos. This is yarn from those sheep; hand sheared, hand spun and just waiting to be hand dyed. It is unbelievably soft and luscious, and smells like fresh clean sheep (I admit I have buried my face in the pile a few times. Just a few).
Close up uf wool

I am thinking of using Knitpicks and their dyes and eventually turning these piles of handspun into 2 Toddler Tomtens. I have always been really inspired by the Tomtens this lady churns out and want to try my hand at designing a colorful combo for the Boys.

Whew, a lot to say on this Tuesday. I think we will leave it at that so as to not overwhelm.


Sereknitty said...

I'm loving the cream merino! Sometimes simple is just so right. Your mother's day blog was so precious ... hard to believe your little guys are walking now. Loved the 'trouble' T-shirt! I get to 'play' at being a mom for the next 10 days, when our grandbaby comes to stay ... yeah!

Bea said...

Oh my I love those little jackets! I even love the safety pins as holders, kind of punk rock :D That merino yarn is amazing, Tomten's will just be too cute.

gleek said...

the boys look fabulous in their jackets!

Carrie & Brook said...

I'm glad to know another mom who's knitting also knitting obsession also came to an abrupt stop when the babes arrived! I still have a half-finished hat that I started working on while pregnant. I don't even know where I was in the pattern...so, I'll have to do the horrible "rip apart" and start fresh when there's some down time (in about 10 years!).

Those cardigans are adorable! The yarn looks amazingly soft.

Re: Boosters. They are the Fisher Price Healthy Care boosters. I believe they make two types...I'd spend the extra $10 for the one with the adjustable-height bars so it can go with various height chairs and it also has two trays. I wish I'd bought that one. I think it's green and blue, vs. mine that are orange and yellow.

Re: Spoons. I believe those are the Gerber soft toddler spoons. They eat well with those and the Sassy spoons, which have holes in them so the food stays on better.

The boys are looking adorable as always!