Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Photo Wednesday

In a previous post I told ya'll my son can hold himself on the monkey bars...because he is a monkey. Here is the evidence.
Hanging Out

The other one really likes olives. And I like to stick them on his fingers and pretend like he is in that really sweet commercial from awhile back.
Olive You


Dawn said...

They are WAY too cute!

earthchick said...

I am way WAY late coming by to say happy birthday to the boys, happy Mother's Day to you, and wow yummy crafting all around. The sweaters below = gorgeous. The box bag = excellent. The boys = adorable.

gleek said...

wow, he IS super strong! i've gotta try olives out on the peanut. i wonder if she'd like them. hhhhmmmm..

Katie said...

what a perfect shirt to be wearing as he performs his own stunts!