Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Craft Tuesday : Round Up

So, these projects did not occur over this single week, a few have been sitting around, waiting on their blog entry. I had fun with the sewn projects, I am really quite a sloppy sewer and dare not the close up shot yet, but I think I will slowly improve. Knitting comes easy, but for some reason I get a little panicky at the sewing machine. I will have to practice some Zen breathing or something while machine sewing.

So, here is my first apron. Found the pattern vis this magazine
pattern source

picked up at random during the all too frequent JoAnn trips (funny, it used to be Michael's. Ah, how the times change). I am loving the whole magazine, it has some great bags and other simple projects that do not intimidate. I plan on making all three versions to practice my ruffle and seaming techniques.
first apron

This version was the simplest and I have to admit I spent a few weeks reading the pattern and visualizing the 'how to' before I even sat down to cut and sew. I think this helps me to execute things better and it is something I have always done with knitting projects. Though I admit I had a hard time joining the waistband and ties, that required a seam ripper...twice.

This little kimono took no time at all (relatively speaking, of course).
edge detail

It is from the Mason Dixon book and is destined to travel north once seamed. For my little Kayda Rose who is by far the best dressed baby girl I have ever seen.

And the second incarnation of Le Box Bag with some delicious Heather Ross fabric and another teal zipper.
box bag deux

This one is shorter and squatter and fits a nice ball sock yarn that is slowly creeping into the lace scarf that required more attention than I can give it right now.

I have to say when I write these Tuesday posts (all two of them, woohoo) I am a little in awe that I have something to feature. I honestly do more than craft all day, I work sometimes (except yesterday when I drove all the way out to Timbuktu to be told by a cranky old person that they wanted not my help. That sucked), I take care of the boys and I am trying to keep the house in a state of semi-shambles. But I guess I am just finding those precious moments that bring me a bit of the time that I need to do this stuff.

There was a great post at the HDYDI blog about taking off our 'perfect' mama faces and letting down our guard a bit and showing each other that we are not always the Mama that I know I look at in public and think, "Damn, she looks like she has it all together". In this spirit, I will tell you I am blogging while the boys run willy-nilly, in dirty pajamas with filthy feet and a little crazy from my desire to push them into the one nap thing. So, that means I gotta' go. Because the un-craft world calls.


Sereknitty said...

I love the sewing! It's been so long since I've done any, but that tote bag with the teal zipper looks very appealing :)

The best tip anyone ever gave me regarding ruffles/gathering, was to take a length of waxed dental floss a bit longer than your waistline, hem, whatever and set your machine on the widest zigzag stitch. Lay the dental floss on the fabric and zigzag over it, without piercing it. The fabric slides beautifully and evenly over the floss and is easily adjusted before pinning. No broken threads from too much pulling!

Bea said...

The sewing is so awesome! I love the apron, it makes cleaning up toddler messes and doing mountains of laundry so much less drab doesn't it? Granted, I wear the apron over my dirty pajamas, not over a lovely dress like Mrs. Cleaver, but who cares :) That baby kimono is SO precious, and will be so cute on Miss Rose!

That semi-shambles thing cracked me up! Working and being a mom is so hard sometimes, trying to balance all the balls in the air, and the house is usually the first thing to go..in addition to showers!

Your state during blogging sounds like mine, except +1, what really cracks me up is when I'm sewing, and Robby is under the table, "helping" by pressing the presser foot, or trying to reach up and touch the needle on the machine..yikes.

Leah said...

That's a really cute apron - well done! We're always in a shambles here too, but my apron makes me feel more in control...

Gabrielle said...

Wow, fabulous sewing projects. I love the bag and the apron.

I'm afraid I don't have a proper pattern for the baby kimono, I adapted it from another top Thomas already had. I have the paper pieces I made, so I will try and put them on a pdf when we get back.