Thursday, May 22, 2008

Family Thursday: His 31st

I was going to do a post about naps.

Then I thought I would post about my family situation and all the positives and negatives that come from living communally.

But then I realized that today is my husband’s birthday. And that has to be what my post is about. Because really it is what such a huge part of my life is about.
happy birthday daddy!

Today he turned 31. He was a new dad last year at this time, only 4 weeks into the journey of a lifetime. Already he was shining.
holding daddy

Now he is a seasoned pro. He does all the things I imagined my partner would do; he plays, makes bottles, sings off key, accepts open mouth kisses, and laughs. I have never seen him laugh so much.
kissing daddy

My husband is a pretty reserved guy. Not shy, not anymore. But reserved with his words, his actions, always has he moved with intention. But in this last year he has become so much more, he has found his inner joker, his inner laughter. He was meant to be father to these boys he calls sons.
happy daddy

I am so proud to be with him, stand beside him, call him my own. I never thought that marriage and parenting would be what it is for us, I never was a girl to imagine that far ahead in the future. We have been celebrating birthdays together since our late teens and they mark something special to me, they mark our fortitude and commitment to each other, our belief in each other and our desire to be united in our lives.

This day was also my ‘due’ date for the boys. The first time my doctor told me the predicted date I felt a little funny. Like I should know that date for a reason. It did not hit me until I was on the way home from the appointment that this day was significant for more than one reason, it was Tim’s day too. I do not know why the thought did not occur immediately upon hearing the date May 22, maybe because I once (and only once waaay at the beginning ) messed up his birthday date. We did not know about the twins yet, so I fully expected to deliver right around this time. Well, once we knew I had a feeling it would not be on this day and I was okay with that. We will let Tim retain all the specialness of this day for himself.
handsome daddy

So, this post is for my MCD. Welcoming another year, one step deeper into the decade that I think we will both eventually reflect back on as our shining time. I love you, Tim. Your Amiee loves you very, very much.

Little note for full disclosure : Last year I made Tim a cake and I was so proud of myself...first baking I had done in months. And it was from a box. This year I was determined to make it from scratch. Hell in a hand basket when I found our oven dysfunctional, then mixed it anyway and took it to Grandpa and Gramma's to bake, spilled batter in the car, overfilled a pan and dirtied up the oven, watched both pans fall, took them out too early to frost them with buttercream that had waaay too much butter and ganache that stayed too thin. I did not even take a picture because it was so ugly. But he ate it and asked me to make him this cake for the rest of his birthdays because it was just how he likes it. So, now I just have to rely on a series of unfortunate baking events in order to duplicate his now favorite cake. Perfect.


kat coyle said...

aw! sweet cake story. it will go easier next year!

Sereknitty said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband! He sounds like an all round great guy ... lucky you!

gleek said...

i know 4 other people with may 22 birthdays! hmmmm, what's 9 months before that? :)

happy birthday tim!

ana martinez said...

he is a great guy! we love to see him parent too. such a cool dude who loves his wifey and boys.

LauraC said...

I love the tribute to your husband. I feel the same way about my husband, each day I think I can not love him more but seeing him with my two boys melts my heart!

happy birthday!

Mona said...

Tim- I remember 31yrs ago very clearly! You are a wonderful son, father and husband. We love you all very much. Happy Birthday!!!

Dawn said...

You have such a wonderful way of writing things from your heart! I am another blessed wife and am so glad to know that my friends are so well supported and partnered with amazing men.

Happy Birthday Tim!

Lola and Ava said...

Happy birthday, Tim. That was a great post about your hubby . . . and it's no wonder that the boys are so adorable since their parents are so stinking cute themselves.

t + j said...

your writing brings me to tears, mames! we are so very lucky to have these amazing men/fathers in our lives. got your last comment and here's my email: happy to talk off-blog anytime.