Monday, June 16, 2008


This weekend was nice. We slipped out Saturday to attend a wedding. It was a gorgeous heart felt ceremony and reception with so many lovely homemade touches.
The Aisle
Those are always my favorite, when you can really see the bride and groom in the event, in the evening. We had food and drink, as is required at weddings. We also were able to sneak some great shots in during our evening.
I read a great post on Shutter Sisters a few months ago. The author suggested shooting for the couple, just some extra shots, and then putting it together for them. Usually it takes some time before the photographer gets the pictures back to them, this way she (because you know that is the half that needs to see right away) has something to view right away.
It was fun to snap away, Tim and I both took the shots. He even got a few of me in (a true rarity these days as we are always snapping away at the babies).
All Smiles for him

Now we are off to the Cabin. Hard to believe it was about one year ago that the babies first visited. I am excited and a little frazzled with the packing. Last time I literally forgot everything for me, so concentrated was I on getting the babies and their stuff (oh lawd, the stuff) there. Now I am a bit better; hair care and sundries almost packed, clothes for all clean...and so much less stuff for them. I cannot wait to see what they do when they are confronted with miles of calm lake shores and giant sequoia trees.

Here is a shot Tim captured the other morning.
This sunflower is about 8-9 feet tall, it just started blooming. It was a transplant from the backyard, centered in the middle of our large front picture window. It grew until it reached the roof line then started blooming. Such a great reminder to reach for the light, for that which makes us feel lighter, brighter, feel like blooming. Taking pictures is one of the things that brings more light into my days, filling a need to capture and create a bit. What does it for you? What makes you reach upward, toward the light?

Looking forward to our week away. We will definitely be reaching for some great shots while playing and enjoying the mountains. Might see you during the week as they now have wireless in town (how things change over time).


Goddess in Progress said...


Supabloggasuprememama said...

such beautiful photography! the idea to give pics to the bride and groom is such a great idea. I had a friend do that for me and I was so grateful...those candid shots are the best!

gleek said...

looks like a fun wedding! glad you got to party and have good time :)

Bea said...

YOU look so gorgeous! I love how I can see both Owen and Mason in your face. I bet you will have such a great time outdoors with the boys, I love taking Robby into the wilderness at this age because there are so many "YESES" at the outdoors, little boys can really explore and do all those things that they just love to do!

Reading this post makes me remember how good I feel when I get out of the house and into the woods with Robby and the hubby, it's so amazing to be surrounded by nature, and not just the local park and backyard. We've got some time off in July so I think that's what we will do, get away and explore and get back to nature!