Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To Craft or Not?

I mentioned in my last post that I did not accomplish as much crafting as I thought I would. I always pack a huge bag of projects that I think I might finish while away. Even before kids I would never get to them. There is something about sitting on a deck with a cold beer, idle hands, and my husband that just feels sufficient. No other distractions as we talk about things: hopes, dreams, plans and the future. Not to say that happened every night. But most, most nights my hands were idle.

I did have a chance to work up these shirts for the boys, just a few more embroidered AA lap shirts.
Someone asked how I did the design on dark fabric. I used an iron on stabilizer on the front of the shirt. Like so....
Robot prep
Then tear away when finished. A little tough due to the stretch fabric and the delicate stitches, but do-able. I saw a dissolve in water stabilizer at Jo-Ann's but this works for me. The designs really take such little time to do, and the end result is so adorable. Here are the models, each in their own colors. I seem to choose blues for Owen and red for Mace, but we switched it up this time, as per my husband's suggestion.
jelly in action
They actually exchange clothes quite often as they are the same size. It is only in my mind that I ascribe them the color groups. Mamas are weird.
Jelly in action

Before we left I wanted to whip out a smaller purse for carrying bits. I love the Pleated Beauty Bag but it is big. Cumbersome when I only want to take my stuff. So I tried the Charming Handbag from BTRS.
Charming handbag
Love it. Simple and fun and just right for the things I take along when a purse is needed. The outer fabric is something from JoAnn's, the lining a little more from my Heather Ross. I am having such a great time learning to sew, I do tend to massacre seams and have issues with straps but in the end, I find it fun and cathartic and it does seem to get easier. I actually thought about bringing the sewing machine to the Cabin, then realized that would be a bit overboard. It stayed home.

The crafting has gone well since our return. I will show the other stuff next week after the gift has reached it's new home. Nothing too fancy, but all very fun. Just little shout out to Liz. I say to you, put thee machine on the desk in the den and sew a few seams. It can be done, though I am finding the boys really want to catch that needle as it moves up and down. I want to see your quilts....and then ask you for advice as my quilting has yet to reach standards I can be proud to show here.

One last craft, not of my making, though.
Puzzle for boys
This beautiful puzzle was a gift to the boys from my sister for their 1st birthday. I plan on framing it and finding out how to order more as I find it stunning. The artist is local to the Humboldt area and I am sure she can bring two three or ten more to frame and hang. Until they are old enough to play and not destroy it.

I also forgot to finish my photo upload to Flickr. Here is a set of pictures of the boys on their first wheelbarrow ride. Fun for all.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

very cute! love your little designs for the boys! I understand about idle hands. I think I need to work on that! I'm always keeping busy with something. It's nice you took a break. I'm the same way about traveling with stuff...that puzzle is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your embroidered shirts for the little guys! And great sewing projects, too! I'm feeling awfully lazy all of a sudden. ;)

pinkurocks said...

cold beer on a deck in the woods with your husband..and the babes are asleep right??!! - you are speaking my language!!! I LOVE your embroidery for the boys! It's motivated me to get off my lazy crafting butt. I have been meaning to iron on Jake's name to a tee - old school like but still haven't got around to that!!

Goddess in Progress said...

Thanks for the shout-out! As soon as I can clear a space on the dining room table...

gleek said...

i love the jellyfish! they look great in the different colors.

Meredith said...

your embroidery inspired the aa lap shirts & sublime stitching patterns...i'm so excited!!