Sunday, June 01, 2008

To Lift Me Up

This weekend did not start with a BANG! but rather with a bug. A very nasty bug that wreaked havoc on our household, starting with Tim, moving onto me and then the boys. Hit us with the works, including multiple trips to the vomitorium for Mummy and Daddy. Not fun, especially not with two non-vomiting toddlers who instead were expelling their sickness via the diaper end. Over and over and over. Ugh. To our credit, we switched off diaper responsibility in a orderly and considerate fashion. Thank god for good husbands.

Things are starting to settle (literally, for the adults) down and Sunday looks like a better day. Except for the molars busting through and the resultant diaper rash on both boys (which they avoiding for 13 months....I finally had to open the Boudreaux's Butt Paste I received at the baby shower...I prefer Balmex, truthfully). Anyway, I decided to post a few precious photos from some previous water play, you know, to lift my spirits and remind me of better times. The hot temps are coming back and we will likely be scooting through the backyard with hoses and sprinklers again.

Water Drips,

water drips

Water Drops,
water drops

Water Sips,
water sips

Water Sops.
water sops

And this last one was caught by Tim. I swear to god he is the reincarnation of Lou Ferrigno. Incredible Hulk. Arggg.

The Hulk

Hope your weekend was a bit gentler than ours. Here is to wishing us all a good week.


Francie said...


We're just getting Butt Paste in the UK, it's brill' for nappy rash, we love it in the UK!


Sereknitty said...

Oh my ... not a fun week for you ... hope the next one is much improved!

Loved the 'Hulk' photo!