Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Thursday : Getting Organized

In those early months with the boys, there was a lot of time in the house. Not down time, per se, but just time. We have never had satellite/cable round here until then. I was desperate for something to watch and we ordered it and had it installed. I was in DIY heaven, watching all the home shows and makeovers. There was one show, Mission Organization, that was on at 700 a.m. every morning. And I was watching it because it was prime baby feeding time. I watched as couple after couple received sage advice on redecorating and organizing their space. Places once cluttered and in utter disarray became serene oases for the family to enjoy. Many of these makeovers focused on families with youngsters. I remember glancing around our 'baby central' space, thinking it was not so bad, we were doing alright. Until a few months ago.

We had a toy box, tent and tunnel...and they all seemed to come at me at the same time. I think we are pretty good about not having too much in the toy department, but all of a sudden, it felt like chaos. Things everywhere, toys being thrown, ignored and lost. I started to really dread being in the baby room, which also happens to be the family room and the room which houses the TV (which actually is now only on for an hour during Sesame Street at 700. Hey, M.O. is all reruns).

So, we paid a trip to our local IKEA once again and, inspired by a friend's house, picked up a bookcase that would suit our needs. Oh, how very perfect it is for our needs.
Toy Storage

Tim (my handy carpenter husband) had that thing assembled and secured to the wall in the time it took us to take a morning walk, the boys played in the refuse from the boxes,
Trash is Fun
and before nap time I had everything in its place, and a place for everything.

Can I say, I LOVE THIS BOOKCASE! It holds all of their stuff, the bottom row is perfect with 4 Plastic boxes labeled to hold their small stuff,
Labeled boxes

the second shelf holds books and is their 'garage', and above are the toys I want to keep out of reach and 'give' to them selectively. The top shelf holds my stuff: books, laptop for work, coffee cup. And the top has a few cute things, including chairs that the boys currently tip over rather than sit in.

It has made a huge difference in a somewhat frazzled week to a somewhat frazzled Mama. I am hoping the big pay-off is that they eventually learn about putting away their bits ands find it fun and challenging to do so. Hey, a woman can dream, can she not?

I recommend you check out IKEA if you find yourself in the same boat, so to speak. The $200 invested is so worth the sanity it has bought. And though the floor is still padded in primary colors, I anticipate a future of sitting with friends watching a movie in a room that does not scream "kids" but maybe just yells it.


Goddess in Progress said...

Oh. My. God. I'm inspired! I may have to haul the kids down to Ikea for that one, as soon as we make space in the den. Oooh, it's perfect!

Nonnahs said...

Great idea! And it looks so cute, too!

Zonnah said...

Love it!

ana martinez said...

i love that shelf. it feels so good to organize!

Sereknitty said...

That looks terrific! I love anything that effectively organizes my stuff ... we live in a small rancher and I can't handle having chaos, except in my workroom! Everything that comes into our house gets immediately assigned a 'home', so we always know where to put it, or find it!