Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Action Shots

We finally purchased a new way to get the boys on video, our old p&s busted months ago and we were missing all the action. We went with the Iflip and love it, so easy to use.

Here are a few outtakes of our weekend with twin boys.

Just for clarification, we do not let them drink the beer, just play with it. Harhar.

Modification on the pants is coming along slowly, I am venturing into the world of linen bias tape and waistbands. Oooooh, sounds exciting, si? My sister is here with her sweetheart so time is going to family. Which can also be a welcome break at times. Getting some great time in with her and the boys is totally the priority. Oh, how I wish she never had to leave. I'll check back soon. Smiles.


Claroux said...

love it. love it. love it. my in-laws bought us one of those flip cameras for the girls' first Christmas and it had proved to be invaluable. we actually accidentally caught Chloe's first steps on video. i still cry each time I watch it. oh, by the way...I ADORE the gnome fabric. i have a certain affection for gnomes ever since seeing Amelie years ago. i love that film. hope all is well. i need to get back on the ball with my blog. i've been lazy. oh, i joined ravelry. i just need to crochet something and post so i can stay a member!

Claroux said...

no worries with the lucky bitch comment. it's definitely something that one twin mommy can say to another with no hard feelings whatsoever! i actually told my brother in law that I hated him this weekend because their two month old adorable son is already only getting up once per night - at 4 AM. Seriously, I must have been a bad bad person in a previous life to have twins that detest sleep as much as mine!

Anonymous said...

As we say in dutch 'jong geleerd is oud gedaan'. Basically this means whatever you learn when you're young, you'll be doing when you're old(er).

Nice to hear your voice too hehehe.

Cheers Eva

Lola and Ava said...

Train them early, I always say. Your boys will know quality beer (salivating a bit here) AND how to put groceries away. Love the black eye - those are the best!

Anonymous said...

is Amanda still there, or did Em come down?

Threeundertwo said...

More importantly, teach them to *get* a beer from the fridge and give it to you. That's why we had kids, isn't it?

I've been looking at these Flips. I think I need to get one.

lori z said...

hey i once knew a 2 year old who would clink his sippy cup (as people do when making a toast). it was old hat for him!

our p&s for video just died too. my hubbie is mourning it. i'll let him know that you guys like the iflip.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! Aiden was watching your videos with me just now and he said I want to go on the playground! not sure how that's applicable, but funny anyway. love the vids. I have GOT to get one of those cams. I have failed notoriously for catching my children on video. Im a photographer, but not a videographer, and it would make sense just to have one of those. So do you like it so far? It seems wonderful.